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Comment Re: If there's one role model I want for my daught (Score 1) 545

If I had to work with her, this would be a serious problem for me. I'm not saying that's grounds to not hire attractive women, but it might be why I'd have to look for another job myself.

Give yourself more credit. You are bound to eventually interact with women you find attractive in the workplace, and you will quickly learn how to compose yourself. You'll be fine. Besides, you couldn't flee from women forever: they're well over 50% of the world, and even if they are a minority in the technical fields (or whatever it is that you do for a living), you'll interact with them eventually, maybe the HR department, or someone in the Sales department, or an executive. Or, heck, a client!

Eventually you'll stop paying attention to gender and just interact with them as if they're people who have ideas that you collaborate with.

It's the same skill you learn to master when you get married and then continue to interact with women in the real world, as a monogamous man. (Well, if that's your plan, no intent to offend.)


Submission + - RSA Offers to Replace 40 Million SecurID Tokens (

lee1 writes: "RSA has finally admitted that its SecureID tokens were duplicated by criminals who broke into their computers and gained access to the 'seed records'. They have offered to replace the tokens used by their customers, although they suggest that the attack was targeted only at military information (Lockheed Martin), and the attackers have shown no interest in financial or personal data. Replacing tokens for a large organization is very disruptive, and, according to an RSA manager, 'there is no guarantee that it won't happen again.'"
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - A Piece of Internet History Lost: Sold (

An anonymous reader writes: The former Illuminati Online domain,, has been sold, and all existing customers will lose all services associated with the domain. A 1990 Secret Service raid on Steve Jackson Games, then owner of the Illuminati Online BBS and later the domain led to the creation of the EFF and was an important milestone in the fight for online rights. While the domain has been sold in the past, the services offered to customers always remained unchanged. However, this most recent sale, to an unnamed party, will result in all services being dropped on July 1, and people will lose email addresses, web pages, and shell accounts that many have had for 15+ years.

Comment Re:How passive-aggressive is THAT? (Score 1) 179

The difficulty is that IBM has a lot of remote employees, both working at other offices as well as working from home.

I had a meeting a few hours ago with about seven people. Only one of them was in my office, so we just had it in his cube with a speaker phone.

So, it's tough to know who is doing what during a meeting. So, this might help with that.

Comment Re:Yes this makes perfect sense (Score 4, Informative) 459

Add to that list:

4. Have sex at an age of 18 when your partner is under the age of consent, but not signifigantly younger than you. (You're newly 18, partner is one month from 16 here in the state of Michigan. Friend's nephew learned that one the hard way.)

5. Skinny dipping in a secluded area when someone happens by.

6. Homosexual sex with a consenting partner in some states.

This is just a case of politicians trying their best to look good and gather votes by engaging in a crusade against Bad People(tm). So, we end up with zero-tolerance laws.

No one wants to vote against them because their opponents will then say "Politician Blahblah is soft on sex offenders."

This is not a US phenomenon, it's a democratic phenomenon. We just happen to have sex as our particular hangup... other countries have harmless weapons as their hangup.

"We must ban crossbows. I once heard a crossbow was used in a crime in a little known area, one time. So, there's no reason you should need one. I propose a ban."

(Never mind that I can use a pencil to do harm to another person, and thus use the threat of that harm to commit the same crime. Or even just my fists.)


Journal Journal: Troll Slaying Roundup 3

I apologize for the time between entries, but as many of you know, CmdrTaco has now all but eliminated trolling on Slashdot - and deserves our thanks for all his hard work! However a recent upsurge in trolling over the last four months has created some changes in the Master Troll Blacklist, and I'll document some of these changes for you now.
  • Fortknox - Beloved by many, Josh Marotti recently announced that he is in fact a
User Journal

Journal Journal: Answering the Mailbag 9

miagfmu writes:

To: TrollBlacklist
Subject: Non-troll request


I was looking at your list and am about to sign up. But, I saw a friend-of-a-friend
on the list, and thought it might not be such a great idea.

Journal Journal: Curbing Slashdot Abuse 1

Like many web based discussion boards, Slashdot has a small vocal minority of abusive and disruptive users. Many of these users spend hours online attempting to harass and provoke normal Slashdot users. CmdrTaco et al have devised a trust referral system which allows users to mark bad accounts and assign them a penalty. This account in particular has a running list of ALL of Slashdot's worst abusive users. You can leverage this account to 'block out' this i

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