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Comment No products sold actually work (Score 1) 125

What I've determined whenever I look at the reviews of a product on Amazon (or any site) is that no product produced actually works. Every product has the people that received DOA items, or they broke on first use.

Though my favorite is the five-star review I saw for "Box was damaged so I returned it unopened, but what I saw of it, it looked okay"

Comment Re:Goodbye (Score 1) 294

Our Radio Shack in West Milford NJ had an attached store - Computer Discount of NJ. Hardware, Software and the amazing thing - a software rental club. They were some great guys. I'm sure the idea was basically try-before-you-buy the software, but you could rent some of the games for $3 for 3 days or something like that...just enough time to get fed up or bored with them. Or let CopyIIPC deal with them :)

I rented Winter Sports, got home and it wasn't in there. Went back and they didn't have it. We looked where we parked, and there laying in the snow-melt was the floppy. Took it home, dried it off real good with a hair dryer and amazingly it worked. Don't know for how long after!

Comment No long term consistency (Score 4, Informative) 340

That's the biggest problems with shifts in power, especially if parties change every four years. One party spends four years getting something in place, or sets some long term goals, and then next election someone else comes in and changes it all. So they spend all the time and money getting one thing spun up and then it gets canned and they spend the next four years doing something else and it may be canned.

Gotta be a better way.

Comment Hard to remember back to 1992 (Score 1) 867

Am trying to remember the beginning days from the 0.98 or so era in 92. Was using 386BSD for a bit then decided to go to Linux (or perhaps I had them both going...had CP/M installed then too.) I think the first was a boot disk and a root filesystem disk. Then there were all the different disk images for GCC, and so on. rawrite it to a disk in dos, tar vfxM in Linux. Token ring at college, so no networking for me :( First real distribution was SLS, followed by Slackware, which was the main one for a while. Used RedHat at workt, and then Debian (about 1998). Since then, it's been Debian. There are a couple things I use uBuntu for, but that's pretty much the same.

Don't care about the free philosophy behind it, and don't really think it's perfect, but it is the one that has felt right. Have touched RedHat and SuSE since then because of things based on it, and still come back to Debian and uBuntu.

Comment Ha on HP (Score 1) 153

For everytime I had to call for support, or try to use their itrc, or everytime I had to come up with a model number from a device that had 20 different numbers on it, none of them matching the format they expected, for everytime I had to deal with HPUX...serves them right.

Comment Re:Whoops (Score 1) 510

Not all schools have labs. With laptops and netbooks costing less than some textbooks, the schools realize why should they pay all the money for lab upkeep when it's easier just to push that out onto the students, charge them a fee and put some wifi in.

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