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Comment Re:Okay I'll bite... (Score 1) 146

Hmm, the handsets that are locked in the UK (I live in the UK so I know and worked for Vodafone for 5 years) are locked up to the point of sale. After this point, you can ask to have the lock removed (as I recently did after signing a new contract with Orange UK) which will normally cost you around £20 (US$40 at current exchange rates!).

The handset locks are there for a different reason: rather than stopping you using your handset/hardware on another network, Network Operators are ensuring that handsets that have been subsidised (often when buying a mobile phone, the handset may be free if you agree to a contract)cannot be connected elsewhere without first a contract being agreed to with their network; they're protecting their subsidy. However, after this point, getting the unlock code is relatively simple if rather protracted due to the clunky process that exists probably as a result of the lack of people who ask for an unlock code.

Most people don't bother unlocking their handset as they just throw it away at the end of the contract term and get another, newer, more advanced handset when they either upgrade(new contract) or switch networks(new contract).

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