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Nothing you can own will be as safe as what google can provide. We've uploaded about 10 gb and pay a fixed amount a year. Before that i used doubble external HD backup and also on the PC and yet managed to fuck it up. And, besides reliability of google the grand paraents can get online access on iphone and hope pc and you can set up a screensaver for them. Really, why try to do something yourself that other people can do cheaper and better? Stdk

Comment Re:Handicapped users... (Score 1) 227

I agree completly, though not for me but for my father. He is having a hard time moving, gaining weight every day. He does excesies but it is not enough make him so much better that he can actually travel to the store and do his own shopping. A thing like this would enable him to travel to the store, buy his own stuff and back. And since it is light he will be able to lift it over the curb or other small bumbs.
The Internet

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STDK writes: As a blackslash to the story about mandatory keyloggers in Mumbai. It seems it WASN'T the government or the police who wanted to install this. Take of the tin foil hat please. STDK
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - WoW-China/The9 implement time limit on players (

STDK writes: With todays (june 12, 2007) maintanence WoW-China (The9) implemented messures to prevent "unhealthy" overplay. From our english forum page:

Hey guys,

As some of you might remember I posted a link to an article explaining that the Chinese government had decided to put a "limit" on the time children could spend in front of the PC. They had decided to make it mandatory for providers such as The9 to implement a system to actively discourage long playing time. The article also referred to some improved security with regards to account making.

Today while playing something I noticed today while playing. This message flashed by my textbox in yellow:

"You have 0.15 until you enter tired time. Your rewards will be cut in half""

Of course this made me alert and I kept an eye out for more. About 15 min later this came:

"You have 1:56 until you enter unhealthy time, at which point you will no longer receive experience or loot until you have logged out for 5 hours."

This seems to be the result of these measures, since I seem to remember it being a limit on about 4 hours of play per day and/or without break.

Now it raises several questions that perhaps some of you that speak Chinese can learn more about.

1) Is it true, and how does it work in details. What is included and what is not included? Can it be circumvented
2) Is it related to account/login into WoW, or much worse, to the security number you used when you first made a "The9" account, in which care all your WoW-accounts might be blocked.
3) According to the intention it is to block kids. Can we somehow "prove" we are not kids?
4) What will we do when TBC comes out? Only play 4h and then stop? This seems insane.

So, guys, look into this and post all your findings.


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