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Comment How many geeks does it take to justify stealling? (Score 1) 356

We had anti-piracy education when I was a kid. It went like this: "Stealing is wrong. Don't do it. There will be bad consequences if you do, and good consequences if you don't." Our society creates technology to make taking something you didn't buy or create easy and at the same time relegate personal ethics to the trash can. But, really, this is great commentary. Absolutely hilarious. And while you're at it, get off my friggin lawn.

Comment They track our snacks (Score 1) 172

A year ago my employer went from ubiquitous, anonymous vending machines to a slick, new vending system with user accounts, barcode readers and - no kidding - thumbprint logins. Obviously they are tracking what each employee is consuming. Since we did not sign anything about how they use the data, I inquired. The HR dept never quite answered the question, but did reveal that the system has the option of offering advice when you make your selection. "Perhaps you'd like a healthy apple instead of that Twix bar, Tom" ... I am assuming that in addition to selling our consuming data, they will one day price our benefits based on how healthily we are snacking.

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