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Comment Re:This decision has been long been made... (Score 1) 348

If they're giving too much money to the executives, they will go out of business and all kinds of little stations will flourish.

So stop fishing around for reasons they are 'evil' and pumping up hysteria.

People like you have a bag of tricks you use in arguements. 'Class War' is a favorite: you talk about the provebial 'rich men' and how they're undeserving of their wealth. Maybe they are undeserving. If so, they'll eventually fall on their faces. The solution is NOT to get Big Government involved regulating, limiting, and imposing it's will.

Comment Re:Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:This Isn't the First T (Score 0) 425

In a world of one-sided analysis and opinions, I find Declan's two-sided coverage of this issue refreshing.

I think Declan's willingness to look at all angles of an issue is at least part of the reason why he is paid to write, unlike those of us who contribute our thoughts for free here on Slashdot. And if I am looking for analysis of the DMCA, I would look for analysis from someone like Declan, rather than anyone who professes to be either a friend or foe of the DMCA.

But I guess you'll have to take my opinion with a grain of salt, since my karma has been reduced to zero.

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