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Comment Re:Laptops (Score 1) 383

HP did have Linux desktops and laptops you could buy.

Nobody bought them. So HP stopped selling them.

It's easier for HP to just have systems that they test with Linux and if large customers want a Linux laptop HP can tailor it to suit that customer.

One of the most bizarre things I've noticed with Linux users is that they tend to reject any system being sold with Linux on it and rather go out and buy a Apple product that runs Linux like shit, a Thinkpad because of the bragging rights, or the Windows version of the Linux laptop because a few options are not available for the Linux version (invariably because they don't work well with Linux) or that the Windows version is slightly cheaper.

There is simply no reason for OEMs to market Linux systems when even existing Linux users won't be their customers.


Comment Re:Why do people still care about C++ for kernel d (Score 1) 365

Gtk+/glib comes to mind at once, with their GObject infrastructure.

Curious in this context is a quote I read somewhere by someone giving reasons why Gtk+ could absolutely not run faster (than Qt, iirc): "Because there is a whole lot of strcmp() which cannot be dispensed with." Now I see why in more specific details: Because this is how classes are identified in Gtk+, whereas in C++, they become integers.

Comment Re:Bad luck and trouble (Score 1) 51

This is a perfect example of brand blunder. No offence to the Canadian team, but a perfect brand blunder it is. It's probably not a direct equivalent of pushing a product badly mis-named for the target market, but it will eventuate in a whole lot of misunderstandings, all totally undeserved.

A little bit of linguistic research would be appropriate. OTOH, we have GIMP, and everyone is getting happily along with it...

Submission + - What's wrong with Fedora Raspberry Pi remix? (h-online.com)

SMOKEING writes: New Linux distributions nowadays do not necessarily make breaking news, yet the arrival of a Fedora remix for Raspberry Pi managed to attract unhealthy attention, and for all the wrong reasons (Pidora announcement on G+): for any Russian-speaking bloke the word "Pidora" stands linguistically just too closely to "bugger". It's arguably a serious brand blunder), which it's interesting how the Canadian team is (or is not) going to extricate itself from.

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