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Comment Re:Qualification Necessary (Score 1) 105

The average person, is not qualified to read or understand that tab about when it is secure and when it isnt.

Bullhockey. The average person is absolutely qualified to understand that probably didn't buy their EV certificate from China Internet Network Information Center.

Google just made it easier for scammers to hide. Heck they may as well just default accept self-signed certs.

A chain of trust is useless if you make it difficult to check the chain.

Comment Re:NASA is risk averse? (Score 5, Insightful) 412

Don't think that those people selected to go will have to sign a few documents and undergo a few mental evaluations to make sure they really understand that they will most likely die on the mission?

I would imagine that the direct relatives of the crew will have to sign something similar for the member to be eligible.

Comment Left Hand Right Hand (Score 1) 103

The US already have a bunch of very bright hackers on its payroll. They work down at Fort Meade in a big glass building with NSA written on the front of it.

What this smacks of, is kingdom building. The FBI is trying to bolster its own little playpen, instead of playing nicely with others and asking the NSA for help.

The FBI simply wants a bigger budget.

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