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Comment LibreOffice 4.3 has made it for me (Score 1) 190

I mainly use Writer, with an occasional hour of Impress work thrown in, and FWIW, LibreOffice 4.3 has reached that point where I'm not running into any compatibility issues with MS Office users anymore. I fully recommend the latest version of LibreOffice, it's come a long way. I've been using OpenOffice since version 3 (year 2008), got all my family and some of my friends to switch, and I think with the latest LibreOffice we've finally made it. I'm still using the .odt format myself but no longer have worries about handling a .doc or .docx either.

Comment Pain spots (Score 1) 270

OK, here's the deal. I've been on FF since it was called something else and version number was 0.2. I'm still loyal but am getting increasingly annoyed and have to revert more and more things each version. Here's the rundown this time:

1. The FF29 and FF30 GUI is crap. The previous one was superior in every aspect. That panel thing you get by clicking the "hamburger menu" is a mess that I won't even try to decipher. Curved GUI elements are inane on a rectangular display. The background tabs are hard to tell apart, the borders between them suck. Just get the old theme restorer add-on to fix all this stupidity.

2. FF29 and FF30 crash every 20 minutes with HTTPS-Everywhere add-on installed. It took me a while to figure this out, disabling Flash or Hardware Acceleration etc. has nothing to do with it. That add-on has to be updated, although I don't understand why the problem crept in with FF29+.

3. The changelog in this article is for FF28. WTF Slashdot? The correct changelog is at It has nothing to do with VP9 or HTML5 or Opus. Firebug 2.0 compatibility is accurate however, so the summary is a hodge podge of FF28 and FF30 changes. But I knıow why, because it's getting icreasingly difficult for Mozilla to post a damn changelog on time. It takes about 1-2 days after the update gets pushed out before a damn changelog appears for the actual version.

Comment Mantle is AMD GCN on Windows only (Score 1) 249

"it works on AMD and Nvidia cards, it works on any OS since it's handled by the drivers"

Where do you get that crazy claim?

Mantle currently only works with AMD GCN (Graphics Core Next) cards, those are the 7000 and later series. And even then the older 7xxx's don't even get the full benefits at the moment (work in progress apparently). What makes you think Mantle will ever work with Nvidia (or Intel for that matter) GPU's when they don't even work with most of AMD's cards? The vague claims in the AMD presentation slides from two months ago?

And what's even more bold is your claim that it works "on any OS". Where do you get that? Who is working on OSX or Linux support, where's the news of an ETA, state of progress etc? And then there is the whole issue that game engines need to support this and currently we only have the Frostbite 3 engine that does that. And are games built on Frostbite 3 going to be interested in porting to non-Windows OS's ?

This whole Mantle is a long shot, designed to tide AMD over by reducing CPU-load on games until AMD can come up with a decent CPU architecture again. It is probably going to from "too niche" to "already obsolete" over the course of the next 3 years and become another Glide. It is not going to kill Windows.

Only OpenGL, with its proper OPENness from the get go, meaning support on all GPU's on all OS's since its inception has a chance of ever unseating DirectX.

Comment Great update for compatibility (Score 1) 192

I had a few problem case .docx's that I had lying around that came from MS Office users. I am happy to report that they have rendered correctly for the first time in LO 4.2. Well done !
And finally the taskbar/aero peek stuff finally behaves properly on Windows !
Pet peeve taken care of ! I also feel a certain improvement in speed and responsiveness in general Nice nice nice.

Submission + - Cisco To Open-Source H.264 Codec, Mozilla Plans Firefox Integration

An anonymous reader writes: Cisco and Mozilla today made a joint announcement that will see the popular H.264 video codec opened up to the broader Web. Cisco plans to open source its H.264 codec, while Mozilla is in turn promising to include it in future versions of Firefox. H.264 has been the industry standard for years, but it unfortunately requires royalty payments to MPEG LA under terms that prevent distributing it with open source products. By open-sourcing its H.264 codec under the BSD license, and providing it as a binary module that can be downloaded for free, Cisco is choosing not to pass on its MPEG LA licensing costs, effectively making H.264 free for use in WebRTC.

Submission + - Cisco to release pre-licensed open-source "binary module" for H.264 in WebRTC (

SD-Arcadia writes: Mozilla Blog: "Cisco has announced today that they are going to release a gratis, high quality, open source H.264 implementation — along with gratis binary modules compiled from that source and hosted by Cisco for download. This move enables any open source project to incorporate Cisco’s H.264 module without paying MEPG LA license fees.

Of course, this is not a not a complete solution. In a perfect world, codecs, like other basic Internet technologies such as TCP/IP, HTTP, and HTML, would be fully open and free for anyone to modify, recompile, and redistribute without license agreements or fees. Mozilla is fully committed to working towards that better future. To that end, we are developing Daala, a fully open next generation codec. Daala is still under development, but our goal is to leapfrog H.265 and VP9, building a codec that will be both higher-quality and free of encumberances."
Link to Cisco's announcement:

Comment Great (Score 1) 137

I love how "the items themselves are getting an overhaul to make for more interesting gameplay" is reserved to a for-pay expansion! "Interesting gameplay" as if it's a minor enhancement! Also, make no mistake, there will be 3 more expansions after this, each taking the level cap 10 points higher, till 99. You know, you gotta milk that cow!

Comment You're doing it wrong.. (Score 1) 323

Stop the advertisement-driven madness of "I HAVE TO READ BOOK X NOW!!!".
Read from the massive catalogue of what's out there for free and never pay for e-books. This is how I recommend you go about it:

1. Get your e-ink based reader (I recommend the new Kobo Aurahd).
2. Head over to one of the many sources of out-of-copyright books like Browse and find stuff you may like. Also keep an eye out for CC-licensed books around the web.
3. Go forth and indulge in or a similar e-book piracy web site and get your fix, because, well fuck 'em.

Maybe you won't find every damn book you desire to have right now, but you will find so many good books that are more than enough to last you a lifetime.
Enjoy the reading and the savings.

Comment Re:URL bar and search bar synced? (Score 1) 365

Google IS the "corporate bug search engine".

I see a benefit in not having google creep up when i mis-type some url and it goes to a surprise search with Google (kind of like surprise butt-sex).

Now that kind of case can also go to Startpage or DuckDuckGo or whatever the user has set.

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