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Comment At least there's a way around it (Score 5, Insightful) 495

If this were rented equipment, I would understand the company's stance. But if someone outright buys an item, it's theirs. Stop legally binding people to stupid shit when they decide to fork out their hard-earned money for your products. Just because Microsoft does it, doesn't mean it has to be the norm. Christ.

Comment Re:Hire IT Staff! (Score 2) 196

A little harsh. Just because big business has this mentality doesn't mean everyone else does. It's not unreasonable to want to look for someone with IT skills without them necessarily being "the IT guy". Every company should strive to be as efficient as possible. Hiring one person for every goddamned specific task is not a good way to do this. To close, this has EVERYTHING to do with a lack of curiosity, because well, the people who do jobs like this are, by nature, quite curious folks.

Comment The people who originally made it.. (Score 1) 41

.. probably said the same thing before shipping the product; "You know.. In theory, people could mess with this through sound waves." Because I doubt anyone smart enough to make something like this wouldn't be smart enough to realize that. Oh, and then they probably all laughed their way to the bar and enjoyed a couple beers as colleagues usually do after a tough project.

Comment Re:You get out of school what you put into it (Score 1) 632

Pretty much. I remember the first few weeks of the game development/programming course I took in college, half the people there answered the "what got you interested in taking this course" question with answers like "I heard it makes good money." or "I'm always using my computer, so a job on a computer only makes sense." Without the slightest notion that a boat load of problem solving was soon to come, vs the learn everything-by-heart that we get used to in high-school. Needless to say, the real winners among them are the ones who realized it wasn't for them and dropped out early. Pity on the ones who graduated and still looked at you funny at the mention of something like a smart pointer.

Comment Could Consumers Benefit? (Score 1) 300

I know a lot of people are pretty adamant about having their browsing open for all to see, but some of us really don't care, myself included. I understand the implications, but people also need to understand what's been said for a long time.. "If it's on the internet, assume anyone can see it." That said, I'd be OK with something like this, if only the consumer could somehow profit, either directly or indirectly (through reduced costs for example), from these sales. Unfortunately it's just a way for big corp to get bigger.

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