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Comment Re:So what are the other places? (Score 1) 871

It may not matter. These are just resolutions from school boards. The actual state curriculum gurus are going to vote on the new standards (which include evolution) next month (mid-February, IIRC). If the accept the proposed new standards, things will be looking up here in Florida. If they reject the proposal, then things will remain exactly as they are, as far as I am aware. And "exactly as they are" is not particularly good -- Florida received an "F" rating for its science curriculum recently, though from a group whose pedigree I don't entirely recall. The current lack of coverage of evolution was one of the reasons for the "F".
What I find particularly annoying is that the state was apparently prepared to accept the new curriculum, when *parents* started complaining about the teaching of evolution, and may as a result get the whole thing canned. I guess that's what I get for moving to the deep South....

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