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Comment Re:intuitively I would think steam would be better (Score 1) 217

Not with current land-based planes. See, navy planes are reinforced exactly to deal with forces coming from the hooks (both on the landing and on the take-off). In a land-based plane, impulse comes only from the exhaust jet. In a CATOBAR plane, impulse alosn can come from the front, from the take-off hook, so extra planning is needed. Sure enough, land based planes are often towed for parking from the landing gear by service vehicles, but both the acceleration and speed are nothing like this.

For the Rafale, a plane that has both a navalized and land-based versions from the start, the navy version is reinforced and that leads to more weight (about 1 tonne, IIRC). This for a somewhat small fighter jet. Imagine for a bigger, commercial airplane. And, the heavier the plane, the bigger is the proportion of it's weight has to be reinforcement. I bet companies would stick to a higher payload instead of a reinforced, more fuel demanding airplane.

Nevertheless, amazing achievement for the Navy. Maybe it has some hobbyists/scientific uses for civilians, but I believe that's it.

Comment Re:Leave then (Score 2) 886

Oh, that's easy. The real ones are when two people love and care for each other and hope to leave the remaining of their lives together. The fake ones are motivated by economic, politics, or even when two teenagers are bullied to it by their parents.

It always amazed me that (most) religions are fast to discard the former if the couple are from the same gender, but absolutely have no problem whatsoever with the latter if it's between a man and a woman, even when it's obvious there's no love. You know, that "God's gift".

Comment Re:I am so exited. This will be great. (Score 1) 331

What's wrong with Minority Report?

I get that most people don't realize that it doesn't end the way it seems it ends (the kicker: the long and somewhat strange talk with the prision officer of how it's to be in suspended animation). But if you pay attention I'll realize maybe one the finest Spielberg moments of all time. Even the exceptional lame way his wife discovers what happened starts to make perfect sense when you consider that conversation in the beginning.

Comment Re:Delphi is dead, just accept it. (Score 2) 492

I've been hearing this kind of stuff since at least 2002. Still using Delphi and waiting for judgment day. It is funny how VB'ers were for some time the most vocal group preaching Delphi's imminent demise, and then they were struck with the "Visual Fred" fiasco. Many of them had to learn OOP the hard way, many didn't and are still supporting VB6 apps.

Anyway you can use the open-source Free Pascal or other proprietary solutions for Pascal. With both Delphi and Free-Pascal current multiplatform capabilities, I bet many companies that unsuccessfully tried to migrate Delphi internal apps to Java, C# or other offerings are having a second thought about it.

Comment Re:Modula-3 FTW! (Score 5, Informative) 492

In my experience (about 20 years professionally working with Delphi, since the first version), the biggest advantage of Object Pascal over C++ is its strong typing discipline. It makes a program more maintainable on the long run, and errors are easier both to avoid and find. Pointer and String handling are also better in Pascal IMHO, and finally compilation time is also much shorter, which is not something to be disregarded when debugging a big project. Against Java or Python, desktop applications are usually more responsive with Object Pascal as it outputs machine code without JIT or GC involved (and usually Delphi will output a single .exe, without the need for any DLLs). Sure enough, you have to remember to destroy your objects, although newest versions of Delphi can use ARC on mobile platforms. My 2c. Sure I've already used all 3 (Python, C++ and Java) when I needed, but I've never felt as productive in any of these as I am in Object Pascal. So maybe the language has it's values.

Comment Strawman (Score 1) 46

"While stressing over Ebola, the media is oblivious to true public health threats like obesity, heart disease, drunk driving, diabetes, and the like."

No, it's not. Actually, no matter how much the media repeat warnings about these issues, PEOPLE (a part of them) is oblivious to these public health issues. I dare you to watch CNN or read MSN, HuffPo or any news aggregator a day without something being said about at least one of these issues, mostly (in US) obesity. We even had a mayor on NYC that went into a series of highly controversial steps to prevent obesity (limiting size of sodas, really? Coach potatoes would buy 2 of them). it's just that some people doesn't pay attention because they don't want to change their lifestyle.

Ebola is something "new", so gets more flash from news outlets since people will cringe for, well, news. It's the way people work, unfortunately. In a BTVS season, the much bigger issues above would be the Big Bad. Ebola is just the monster of the week. Granted, it gets full attention now, but once current crisis is gone, I doubt you'll hear about it until another outbreak.

Submission + - NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software

rtoz writes: The American intelligence service — NSA — infected more than 50,000 computer networks worldwide with malicious software designed to steal sensitive information. Documents provided by former NSA-employee Edward Snowden and seen by this newspaper, prove this.

Submission + - Happy 50th Doctor Who! (

beaverdownunder writes: To commemorate 50 years of the Tardis, today the BBC is airing a 75 minute special finally revealing the secrets of the Time War.

What did you think off the special? And what's your fondest memory of Who? And what about that Capaldi guy?

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