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Comment Yes and no (Score 1) 346

I used Google Docs heavily for a few years. Then one day, about two years ago, they disabled offline mode. Guess what happened to me a few weeks later? Yup, I was in some situation with no internet access and needed a document and couldn't get it. I dropped Docs like a hot rock and switched to Dropbox the next day. (Granted, they now have offline access once again, through the very nice Google Drive. But, you know, "screw me twice," and all that.)

OTOH, I use Maps all the time, and Translate and YouTube. I arrived on this page via Google Reader and am entering this comment via my Nexus 7. So clearly they know how to make (or acquire) some good products.

Final note: Google relentlessly a/b tests everything. They know exactly how many people are rejecting the GMail redesign, or how many uses they stand to lose by killing iGoogle. Sometimes I think these cold, rational decisions backfire, as they annoy a vocal minority or misinterpret the reasons for the test results.

  -- 77IM

Comment Re:Another perspective (Score 5, Insightful) 1218

No, actually we don't. It depends on what the people want, since this is a democracy. If the people are a bunch of religious nuts, then the education standard needs to include religion (whichever flavor the majority wants) and omit evolution (of that's what a majority wants). This is the price of democracy: you have to share with all the other people you co-inhabit a region with.

Before you respond further, please read up on Tyranny of the Majority, and why it's a bad thing, and how respecting the rights of the individual is essential to a functioning democracy. (Hint: Your logic eats itself.)

  -- 77IM

Comment Kids are NOT expensive (Score 3, Interesting) 708

Where did this myth come from? As a parent of young children, I found that for the most part, kids are not expensive. There's a marginal increase in food / medical / clothing costs, and saving a bit for college, but it's not bad; most of the big expenses (housing, bills, saving for retirement) stay the same.

The only thing expensive about having kids is day care / preschool, which is pricey. But if one parent doesn't work, then they can take care of the kids. If both parents work, then it's a two-income household, and most should be able to bear that cost. Single parents are truly screwed here.

  -- 77IM

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