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Comment That's a big jump in addon usage (Score 1) 270

I just looked at the users statistics for Classic Theme Restorer. I'd think an increase of 7962% in users from version 28 to 29 would suggest a good chunk of the Firefox user community doesn't in fact like the new UI. Granted that's not the entire userbase, but the number of people using the addon is still increasing.

Comment Jumping ship (Score 1) 688

I used to be a theme developer until this update, but with the recent UI changes I give up. I've been dealing with their crappy versioning system which makes addon development and testing a total pain in the ass, but this is just too much. There are only so many things I'm willing to fix. With 28 I was running 6 addons just to restore basic theme functionality and adding even more and getting a 'kinda but not quite what it was' look with 29 isn't worth it.

I don't understand why the UI needed 'fixing'. Where there a sea of complaints coming in that I couldn't see? The only ones in bugzilla seem to be people asking for old features to be restored or to fix the memory problems. I guess this means the UI is more important then all the other bugs at this point. I suspect we'll be seeing a spike of people stuck on 28, or just dropping Firefox entirely. If you want a Chrome browser you pick Chrome, and not a knockoff clone.

Comment Addons for everybody! (Score 1) 365

Just sharing the love (or the protection from decisions for the sake of everyone): this extension apparently allows you to hide the tab bar complete (didn't check), and this hiding the tab bar when single-tab browsing.

And wasn't it Mozilla who complained that the main reason Firefox ate up so much memory was because people were running 'too many addons'? It seems we're nearing a point where Firefox is only an addon manager, and all the functionality is addon based.

This removal of features is getting extremely irritating, I want to customize my browser to look the way I want it to, not some dev, not some group of self-proclaimed experts. If I wanted lack of choice I'd be using IE or Chrome. What worries me is that fact that the new UI 'upgrade' (aka Australis) looks almost exactly like Chrome. I have a feeling once it oozes from the ground and smears itself all over the interface even more addons will be necessary to restore the classic look and feel.

Submission + - OpenShot Video Editor Achieves $35k on Kickstarter, Final Goal in Reach! ( 5

JonOomph writes: The popular open source video editor, OpenShot, has less than 39 hours remaining on popular crowd-funding site, The lead developer, Jonathan Thomas, has proposed a revolutionary new feature, which would allow users to offload CPU, memory, and disk cache to a local server (or multiple local servers), dramatically increasing the speed of previewing and rendering. The more servers added to the pool, the faster the video editing engine becomes (with the primary limitation being network bandwidth). If the final goal of $40k is reached in the remaining hours, this feature will be added to the next version of OpenShot.

Comment Re:microsoft looks to have fired to architect of w (Score 1) 663

I agree, I was only pointing out how Alt+F4 is easy to find in the dark. :)

Some interfaces are going to be more efficient than others depending on where your hands are at the moment. For most desktop usage a touchscreen is going to be the furthest thing from your working area. Even more so for a media center PC, unless the remote is the touchscreen.

Personally I never understood the reasoning for hiding the keyboard shortcuts entirely. I think it started with XP? I know it looks a little cleaner, but how are you supposed to know what keyboard shortcuts do when the visual hints have been totally disabled? I know they can be turned back on, but what's the chance of the average user even finding the option?

Comment Re:microsoft looks to have fired to architect of w (Score 1) 663

Totally intuitive... unfortunately, ALT + F4 is one of those "look in order to find it" sequences, that are much harder to find than other shortcuts in the dark.

I disagree, Alt is right next to the spacebar and F4 has a physical break between it and F5 on most desktop keyboards.

Both keys are pretty easy to find by touch in the dark, although it does require you to know the basic layout.

Comment Re:RTM? (Score 1) 343

Return to Manufacturer?

I played a bit with the beta, but I just can't get used to Metro. Maybe it's because my monitors aren't touch sensitive. Seems like it would be a decent tablet UI, but on the desktop it's just too cumbersome. Hopefully they'll let people turn it off in SP1, otherwise I'll probably be on 7 until 9 comes out.

Comment How much did this cost the DoJ? (Score 1) 345

In actual money terms. I'm sure it's done quite a bit to harm both theirs and the US' reputation. I can't believe they would attempt to do something that they should already know they legally can't do. At least the lawsuits that will likely result from this should be a little interesting.

I really wish the government was able to kick out incompetence before things got to the 'scandal' level. It always seems like they're reacting to the latest disaster instead of preventing it from happening.

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