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Comment No hard evidence of any of this (Score 5, Informative) 303

The article cites a user-made post, not an official statement by reddit. Multiple people on reddit, including comments on the cited SubredditDrama post, have pointed out that there is no hard evidence that
-Black Visions killed himself
-Sister of Black Visions is actually Black Vision's sister
-That there is any subpoena or legal action being pursued
Get back to me after there's real evidence of any of those things.

Comment Re:Hey, the pirates can help (Score 2) 312

You can convert a 128Kbps MP3 into a FLAC file. It doesn't magically restore the information that was removed when you converted the WAV file on the CD into a 128Kbps MP3. Converting to FLAC is a lossless operation, but just because something has a FLAC extension does not mean it was created from a lossless source.

Comment I like GNOME 3 (and also Quartz) (Score 1) 647

Strangely, I just recently installed Ubuntu 11.10, and GNOME 3 on top of it. I couldn't be happier with it. I can move some stuff to another desktop if I need to, and it's easy enough to switch between them. It's also easy to switch between programs. I don't get the hate, to be honest. I also finally took the plunge and installed OSX on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro, which had been running Windows since I got it. Now that's a freaking great user interface.

Comment Re:OMA (Score 2) 422

Every important organization in this business is listed on your second link except for Apple and Google. And, Google is purchasing Motorola Mobility, who is listed as a "Full Member". Many of the organizations listed on your second link make phones using Google's operating system, which cannot be said of Apple. Basically: in what way is this an organization of losers except for the fact that Apple is not on it?

Comment Look to "2TB Flash Drive" (Score 1) 763

If you want to know what is wrong with Slashdot, look at this article:
The article is called "New USB 3.0 Flash Drive has 2TB of Storage".
To paraphrase what one commenter said, "It isn't USB 3.0, it doesn't have 2TB of storage, and you can't buy it."
Stop sensationalizing headlines. Consider not taking story submissions from users if it means the summaries will be less sensational. Try to read the article or watch the video before you post it. I mean, come on. The article's title was 100% wrong.

Comment They aren't actually selling a 2TB flash drive (Score 1) 212

From the comments on TFA: On the video it says "Actually the one that we looked at on display was only 16GB but the technology behind that particular 16GB stick is capable of scaling to 2 Terabytes." In other words they'll have to wait years for smaller manufacturing processes to occur before a 2 TB drive is made. Well, of course we'll have 2TB flash drives someday. Submitter and Tom's didn't actually watch the video before using this headline.

Comment Re:This is why trying to save people is a bad idea (Score 3, Interesting) 461

I might agree with you it it wasn't for the fact that every part of the world that actually has abject poverty (the kind you talk about, where the country on a whole has no resources) has that poverty because the West (Europe and later the United States) caused it. We invaded them, and tried to force cultures on them that they didn't want, need, or understand. Then we took everything they had, told some of them that they were in charge and that we'd back them up if anyone tried to screw with them, and came back periodically to keep making things worse. The world is shit because people made it shit and we have to fix that before we can move forward. Stop thinking that people are poor just because they want to be and try actually thinking about how things got like this.

Comment Re:Disgusting apologist (Score 3, Informative) 32

You don't agree with it, but you shower them with praise for the successes that they have gained by sacrificing the individual rights of the people. You might as well be one of those people trying to argue that Hitler fixed the German and/or US economy. (I don't care about Godwin's Law, since your opinion here actually does remind me of one I've heard before). I don't care if they have acheived "great stable economic development" (what's so stable about 20M+ dead of starvation in three years, anyways)- they did it through abuse and exploitation.

Comment Powershell (Score 1) 510

Alright, so I'm willing to accept that this is a strange position to take...but if I was asked to teach my girlfriend to write code, the first thing I would do would be to try teaching her Powershell. Powershell, for those of you who have never heard of it, is a sweet scripting language introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7 (although it is available for Vista and XP). I've heard it compared to Perl a bit; there's dynamic typing, little scope, and access to the lion's share of the usefulness of the .NET framework. I figure that if I gave her some of the basics (here's how to do some math, here's how to do string operations, here's how to find more information about this stuff) she'd be able to use the built-in help (it can be used as a command line or in an ISE, both installed by default in W7) and my advice to get her started. I just find PS to be incredibly simple to write in- not the command line stuff or their cmdlets so much as the basic math/string/IO crap that I find myself doing most of the time.

Comment Re:Right on... (Score 1) 720

Hell yeah, PowerShell rules. I use it nearly every day for normal scripting language tasks- some small data parsing, the old awk/sed/grep flow, conversion between some simple file types. I've used it for more complicated stuff too. You really can't beat having the .NET framework at your fingertips, and aside from that it's really not that different from Perl all things considered.

Submission + - Museum sues non-commercial photographer for $2MUSD (

Ryxxui writes: On December 28th 2010, photographer Thomas Hawk wrote a blog post describing a small copyright kerfuffle he was having with the Miami-based World Erotic Art Museum. A set of photographs taken by Hawk were removed from Flickr after the WEAM sent Flickr a DMCA complaint, claiming that the photographs of art exhibits currently on display at the museum were copyrighted by the museum. While Flickr complied with the notice, Hawk submitted a counter-complaint to have the images restored. Today, the WEAM filed a complaint in federal court against Hawk, and they are attempting to sue him for $2M USD in damages. If anyone has a bright red phone which connects directly to the EFF, now might be a good time to hand the receiver to Hawk.

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