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Comment Re:Other Linux Java Options? (Score 1) 121

Comparison to dotNET

The download size for the dotNET 2.0 Redist package is 22.4MB.
The dotNET 3.0 Redist is 50MB for x86 and a whopping 90MB for x64.

According to M$,

System Requirements: (2.0)
Disk Space Requirements: 280 MB (x86), 610 MB (x64)
Not quite small. If the 2.0 framework install is 27 times larger than the download for x64 architecture, does that mean the 3.0 install is 2.4GB??

The JRE is huge, because Java applications are not 'compiled', they run on a virtual machine.
dotNET code isn't really compiled either. All of the programs are compiled to run on the framework. It's not like they are compiled to machine code.

Programmers are no longer encouraged to try to optimize code.
Just because we aren't encouraged to optimize, doesn't mean that a good programmer won't do it anyway.

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