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Comment Wow.. and some advice.. for SQL anyway (Score 1) 293

Firstly, you certainly do have some balls asking something involving MS on slashdot that doesn't involve shitting on them in some way... But really, you should find a local SQL Server user group and attend the meetings, they usually have some decent presentations and a good chance to network and likely find people looking to fill positions from Jr-Sr level, also attend any local SQL Saturdays. It's a full day of training for free or 10 bucks(for lunch) and usually has really useful sessions from 100-400 level. You can pick up a Developer edition of SQL Server, it's relatively cheap (50$) and has all the features of Enterprise, to mess with. Set it up and start using the features.. Alternatively you can check out several blogs about SQL that walk you through setting up a lab, complete with AD, DCs, SQL Servers etc all for free. That will let you try all features you could ask for in almost any configuration You may want to pursue one or more of the certs available just to get through the HR filters as well..

Comment Seriously? (Score 2, Interesting) 505

Look, I know most of the folks frequenting /. are ardently anti-MS (Hence all the clever usage of a $ instead of the 'S'), but this is really an embarrassing attempt at click bait. It isn't in the realm of truth and feel sorry for the poster and the people jumping on board with it to fuel some frothing Anti-MS rage or resentment at some perceived slight. Slashdot is poorer this.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 315

Well, JPEG is pretty much synonymous with image/pic for most "internet savvy" folk. But you're correct, no one, is using "gif" or 'giffing" in daily dialogue. But I think you underestimate the popularity of the short clips. For instance a fairly recent front page entry on Reddit asking "which GIF you would like to be trapped in for eternity" or "What GIF should everyone have saved?" GIFs are good for short, dumb/throw away attempts at memes, attempts at humor, russian car accidents or some quick porn clips judging by what I usually see. They are easy to make and don't require anything from adobe to make. The kids hate flash and adobe.

WOTY looks like its decided by the interwebs..which would explain the recent winners, "App", "tweet" and "occupy". Common on the web seems to be the deciding factor.

Comment Re:About time (Score 1) 213

They also protect people from corporations. See the small time inventor that comes up with some novel household product, they put in the work to get it made, work on marketing etc. then they get a meeting with say, Home Depot or Lowes to see if they would sell the object. Home Depot and Lowes look it over carefully, let their designers take a look..then decide, "no thanks, have a nice day" A month later they are selling the exact same thing, killing this persons idea and dream. If that person doesn't have a patent on this invention, they are totally fucked with no recourse. They spent months or years and thousands or tens of thousands of dollars trying to get this product to market, only to have some corporation take it with no repercussions whatsoever. But that's OK right? Everyone should do work for free for fucking multi-billion dollar corporations.

Comment Re:Makes good points (Score 1) 866

One would think that maintaining even a basic level of education for all citizens would be helpful in keeping civilization in tact, and therefore, your "civil" liberties. Since you generally don't have to worry about society devolving into 90/10 split of uneducated fucking savages deciding they like your patch of earth and taking it, your family and anything you own because really, they just happened to be there. I mean seriously, what a fucking stupid view. Please, go try and pitch your start up in countries without a public education system sometime. I'm sure you'll have a terrific sense of "civil liberty" when the fucking savages take whatever you brought with you and feed you to their fucking lizard god.

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