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The Courts

Police Can Search Cell Phones Without Warrants 438

Hugh Pickens writes "The California Supreme Court has ruled 5 to 2 to allow police to search arrestees' cell phones without a warrant, saying defendants lose their privacy rights for any items they're carrying when taken into custody. Under US Supreme Court precedents, 'this loss of privacy allows police not only to seize anything of importance they find on the arrestee's body... but also to open and examine what they find,' the state court said. The dissenting justices said those rulings shouldn't be extended to modern cell phones that can store huge amounts of data and that the decision allows police 'to rummage at leisure through the wealth of personal and business information that can be carried on a mobile phone or handheld computer merely because the device was taken from an arrestee's person.' Interestingly enough, the Ohio Supreme Court reached an opposite conclusion in a December 2009 ruling that police had violated drug defendants' rights by searching their cell phones after their arrests. The Ohio-California split could prompt the US Supreme Court to take up the issue, says California Deputy Attorney General Victoria Wilson, who represented the prosecution in the case."
The Almighty Buck

Apple Passes $300B Market Cap, 2nd In the World 485

An anonymous reader writes "In May, Apple surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization to become the second largest company (by that measure) in the world. Today, with its shares riding high, Apple passed $300 billion in market cap, entering a club of two along with the still-gigantic ExxonMobile. And investors' targets could bring Apple beyond where Exxon is now (though Exxon continues to soar as well). Perhaps Wall Street is catching on that, despite the discontinuation of their underused Xserve, Apple is in fact becoming one of the key tech providers to enterprise, a position that even a year ago seemed laughable. If you consider the iPad to be a PC (which enterprise increasingly is), then suddenly you realize that Apple is expected to climb to 12% market share in 2011. Plus, of course, they have those little things called iPods, and iTunes..."

Comment Re:I would like to help, but why kid myself (Score 1) 536

Those days are gone. The people are completely stripped of power. We are all slaves, every last one of us. There is nothing the "powers that be" wouldn't do to maintain their power. And I mean nothing. They would burn every baby on the planet if they could make another 1/2% on their money. Hope, faith and optimism are for children and fools.

But you know what, don't listen to me. Go out and work towards a better world. I hope you succeed were every single human before you has failed.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Diebold Leaks 2008 Election Results 196

samzenpus writes "With all the scrutiny that Diebold has received in past few years you'd think that they would be more careful but apparently due to a malfunction in some machines, they have leaked the results to the 2008 presidential race early. Hopefully this will be the nail in Diebold's coffin. Surely we have another company in this country that can run a sham election better."

Submission + - Gamefly sold my e-mail address!

An anonymous reader writes: I own a few domains for my own vanity and amusement. When signing up for any service online, I use the format [unique-servicename]@[mydomain]. Even slashdot doesn't get a hold of my 'home' address. This is great for filtering, redirection, etc. It's also a great tool to see who has been selling my e-mail address.

During a bored moment, I was perusing through my junk mail to see which addresses spammers were using. Lo and behold, a great number (about 33%, actually) of the spam I found was sent to gamefly@[mydomain]. According to their privacy policy, they may from time to time share my information with game related third-party vendors. However, at no point did they say, "you will receive ads for viagra and porn sites." Since most people utilizing the service are probably still in high school, is it appropriate for them to be receiving such material? Someone, please! Think of the children!

Has anyone had any experience similar to this? What are the legal (if not moral) implications of such a practice?

Submission + - Slashdot Content Filter

Dolphinzilla writes: As I was perusing Slashdot this morning it occurred to me how absolutely sick I am of reading about censorship, the RIAA, politics, and the war on this venue, I realize that a large portion of Slashdot readers like this and enjoy the back and forth chatter that it generates. But I doubt I am the only one who is tired of the constant deluge from all forms of media. My main reason for subscribing to Slashdot is for the technical/science content — so here is my thought — how about the Slashdot guru's give us the ability to filter the Main page content thus allowing us to only see the types of stories that we want to see ? Would any other Slashdot readers use this feature ?
The Internet

Submission + - Owner of Rizon to serve time for DDOS attacks. (

An anonymous reader writes: A man from Kentucky is sentenced for prison after being convicted in Detroit of charges that he carried out attacks on computers numbering in thousands and cutting them off from the Internet, as per the news published by Crime-research on June 22, 2007.

Jason Michael Downey, 24 and belonging to Dry Ridge, Kentucky admitted having committed computer fraud in order to operate a botnet. When Downey was pleading guilty in the court, the information presented there served as evidence of Downey's ownership of the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network from June 18, 2004 to September 5, 2004.

Downey infected large number of computers with various kinds of bot viruses after which the computers responded to Downey's commands. He built a network with about 6,000 computers he had infected.

Through the Internet Relay Chat network, Downey controlled and issued commands to the botnet to hurl a series of 'Denial of Service' (DoS) attacks on different kinds of computer systems connected to the Internet. The attacks overloaded the systems with network data and therefore could not operate properly.

Rizon themselves have not issued any statements regarding the charges, they can be found at

More of the story can be read at ilty-To-Cyber-Crime.htm

The full U.S. Department of Justice briefing and sentencing guidelines can be found at the following address. _mdowney.pdf

United States

Submission + - Global Warming Concerts May Do More Harm Than Good

An anonymous reader writes: A column from the Guardian newspaper criticizes Al Gore's Live Earth rock concerts for being hypocritical. The rock concerts consume very large amounts of carbon-emitting energy, and the celebrities chosen to deliver the global warming message have wealthy extravagant lifestyles. Bob Geldof, who organized the Live Aid and Live 8 concerts, criticized its aims. 'We are all fucking conscious of global warming,' he said. 'It's just an enormous pop concert for the umpteenth time that, say, Madonna or Coldplay get on stage.'
The Internet

Submission + - Swedish Police Will Censor The Pirate Bay (

Sixdays writes: "Working online gives you a lot of friends. Some of those gives you heads up when something big is going on, and sometimes really big things happen. A couple of hours ago I got one of those — The Swedish Police is going to put The Pirate Bay in it's Child porn filter! Read the full story HERE"

Submission + - ISP Leaks contact information

tikka writes: "I contacted an ISP today, in regard to a harvested email address database weighing in with probably around a million valid email addresses that I found by querying google for my email address. I did this after noticing a sudden increase in phishing and spam activity in my mail box.

I sent my abuse report to them and they sent this report directly to the spammer without hiding my identitiy.
If I had sent more contact information, such as my company details or perhaps even more personal information that too would have been forwarded.
Now I do understand that chances are it is simply a compromised box and their client has no knoledge of it but what if this is not the case and a torrent of abuse comes my way?

The abuse team at, were so lazy they simply sent the following mail to me and cc'd their client..

        from Abuse 11:01am GMT
        to me
        cc josephkshXXXXX@XXXXXXXX.XXX
        date 05-Jul-2007 11:01
        subject Re: Abuse report (Phishing+Spam)

Please take a look at this issue adn report to us what you have done to solve
the issue.

EasySpeedy ApS
Abuse Team
33, Hoesterkoebvej
DK-2970 Hoersholm
Phone: +45 4594 1401

Linux/BSD Dedicated Server Hosting
Advanced Server Tools included
Maximum Server Control with no Limits
- Hide quoted text -
On Thursday 05 July 2007 11:49:50 you wrote:
> One of your servers are hosting an open to the public, directory of
> harvested email addresses..
> google query:
> inurl:frogs.php gmail
> +gmail
> the result is: www_the-cafe_biz/frogs_php
> * Dns resolved to
> I know, that is a spam list because of a few reasons.
> 1: I do not give my email address out to be used for anything besides
> communication and it is in that list
> 2: I have been receiving a LOT of phishing emails lately.
> Thanks for looking into this, please reply to confirm you have received and
> are proceeding to take care of this as I am worried.
> Warm Regards,
> Morris.


Submission + - MS Security Grunt or Whale Feces Researcher?

An anonymous reader writes: Computerworld is running a story discussing Popular Science's Top 10 Worst Jobs In Science for 2007. According to the list, it seems having a job studying whale feces is better than being a security grunt at Microsoft. A Microsoft security grunt's job is "like wearing a big sign that reads 'Hack Me,'" according to the magazine.

Submission + - OSI to crack down on "open source" abusers (

munchola writes: According to CBRonline the Open Source Initiative is going to "open a can of whup ass on any vendors that claim to be open source despite not actually using a license approved by the OSI". In a blog post OSI president Michael Tiemann wrote: "Enough is enough. Open Source has grown up. Now it is time for us to stand up. I believe that when we do, the vendors who ignore our norms will suddenly recognize that they really do need to make a choice: to label their software correctly and honestly, or to license it with an OSI-approved license that matches their open source label."

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