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Comment I thought Glenn Beck is a rapist? (Score 1) 413

I thought I read somewhere that Glenn Beck is a rapist. That Glenn Beck raped someone back in the 1980s. Am I mistaken in remembering that Glenn beck raped someone in the 1980s? I could have sworn I read somewhere that Glenn Beck was a rapist. I don't really care for his show, and he seems to have a lot of crackpot ideas. Still, I don;t think they'd give him his own radio show if Glenn Beck was a rapist. I mean, if Glenn Beck raped someone in the 1980s, would Fox News give him a TV show? I don't believe Fox News supports rapists.

Comment Re:Guilt-free Piracy (Score 1) 244

It was about 10GB. 95 files, all 90-100MB each. Pretty good encode for the file size too.

I already have 3 video players installed -- bsplayer (my favorite, if old), Media Player Classic (for .mkv), and Windows Media Player (if all else fails). I should not need more than that. Never liked VLC.

Comment Some of each (Score 1) 695

Since we are coming out of a below-average period in global temperature history, as well as a low in recent history (the Little Ice Age following the medieval warm period), I believe some component of current trends is natural. I also believe (sub)urbanization introduces some degree of measurement bias -- a location that was relatively rural 80 years ago now surrounded by suburban sprawl, shopping centers and parking lots will have a higher local temperature from local effects in addition to any possible regional change.

However, I cannot deny the likelihood that emissions, deforestation, and other man-made factors have an impact on climate. The big question that remains unresolved is how much of the current trend is natural, and how much is caused by man.

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