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Comment Re:Calling all rockets (Score 1) 144

No probably more like there's an understood level of accepted risk to buying a car by an automaker that didn't exist not all that long ago with technology that had never been implemented in cars quite like this to produce a true electrical replacement for vehicles that has never really been attempted before at any kind of reasonable scale. You kind of expect there's going to be bugs along the way since you're an early adopter. Now if in 10 years their cars are still highly unreliable, that's a different conversation but as the summary itself states -- Model S reliability has increased as you would expect from ample improvement cycles.

Comment Desktop user here (Score 1) 316

Been using Linux as my OS of choice on home computers for a while now. The desktop experience has come a long way to achieving what I would consider "expectation parity" with a few exceptions.

The biggest thing I hope to see change is Apple start publishing iTunes for Linux. That's not because I use it, but because many people who otherwise have no reasonable need to use Windows would be able to switch to Linux.

In a similar vein, I hope to see WINE get to the point that pretty much any random Windows based application just works so that migrating people is SUPER easy.

Lastly, and I'm sure this will ruffle some feathers, I hope Canonical gets convergence working properly across form factors so that for someone that wishes, they could turn their phone into their single computing device and not give up having access to a standard desktop in the process. If ever Linux were going to "win the desktop", this might be the best bet.

Comment Re:Modified life plan for this goal.. (Score 3, Interesting) 440

... Fun experiment, ask a lazy person do help you and see how fast they are busy that day. ...

I am most interested in this because I find that lazy people get in the way of real work since you make them look bad if you get anything done. It would be very interesting to have the workplace composed solely of the people that actually wanted to be there.

Comment Re:Note if we can stop.. (Score 2) 428

The reason most store bought produce lacks in taste has little to do with genetic modification and everything to do with when it was picked. Tomatoes, for example, are not typically picked when they are fully ripe. The natural ripening process is what generates all the flavor and most of the nutritional goodness. You can simulate this yourself with a tomato plant at home. Just pick a tomato way before it ripens. Set it in a bowl with ripened tomatoes and once it turns red, taste it. Then compare it to tomatoes that ripened on the vine from the same plant.

Comment Re:A story, and, for some, an opportunity (Score 1) 66

Allegedly, their revenue stream from licensing is going down while interest and revenue from software makers in assisting in porting their Windows apps to Linux using their platform is increasing.

I mean it stands to reason that people are not going to regularly upgrade Crossover if it's already running whatever app they want well. And so it stands to reason that they would target their development efforts to companies looking to port. Sooner or later, essentially all the important calls will be implemented such that only bug fixes and/or config tweaks will be necessary to get apps to run as they would on a stock copy of Windows.

Comment Re: Nonsense (Score 1) 466

And as far as this soylent stuff is concerned wasn't it proven that supplements aren't very good and you need actual food to be healthy?

While I do think this guy is a nutcase in general, there's nothing inherently wrong with the concept of soylent. I've been living off the European "Joylent" for nearly a year now and have never felt in better health.

As long as the body is getting everything it needs in a form that it can correctly process, it will be healthy. The biggest concerns are "is there anything missing that the body needs that wasn't accounted for?" and "are the ratios/quantities really correct?". Of course, these are also valid concerns from any normal food intake if you don't vary your food a lot, which is - in the modern day and age - an increasingly common situation.

It's important to remember that it's not a "supplement", but a "food replacement". Supplements are - as the word suggests - something to supplement an existing intake giving you the things you might be missing. A food replacement on the other hand is designed to give you everything you need. Whether or not it meets that goal is a matter of debate, but there are actual food scientists researching that actively at all the major suppliers of these 'soylent' products.

(to note: the common wording amongst consumers of these products and in this reply here uses "Soylent" (upper case S) to refer to the specific brand, and "soylent" (lower case s) to refer to the type of food in general. Soylent is a soylent; Joylent is a soylent; Joylent is not Soylent)

Comment Re:The cognitive dissonance ... (Score 4, Insightful) 131

As a European socialist, let me be the first to say that the government can keep their goddamn noses out of my private affairs.

Socialism is about making some individual sacrifices for the good of society as a whole (because in the bigger picture, that also benefits each individual); not mindlessly letting the government have complete control over my life.

Comment Re: UK needs to be run by corporations like Americ (Score 1) 266

True, the EU isn't a country. It's a union of European states... just as the USA is a union of American states.

There is a difference of course, in that the USA has a much stronger and more influential central government, with much less power afforded to its member states than in the EU; but in essence, the concept is entirely the same.

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