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Comment Wacky Winter Wonderland! (Score 1) 1367

My own anecdote is that while this winter has been quite a bit milder than usual, the last two years have seen an entire decade's worth of snow in my part of the Mid-Atlantic, not the result of freak storms either but of several moderate storms, the likes of which would be entirely unremarkable in New England, say. Easy come, easy go.

Comment Re:Hold on there, Sparky (Score 1) 692

I'll be the first to admit that tablets aren't my thing, but let's call a spade a spade and an expensive toy an expensive toy. Tablets are pretty much one of those things you own because it does neat and entertaining things, not because (like traditional computers) it is a practical device for any but maybe a few specialized varieties of serious productivity or because (like phones) it provides a means of instant communication most people insist on having on them at all times. Tablets don't really satisfy a specific need. Most people already have a variety of devices which individually offer all the functionality of a tablet, usually with greater effectiveness. Still, perhaps I did not communicate effectively the tone I intended, which was one of grudging admiration for the accomplishment of a company I generally don't like. No other company could have ever made people want such an frivolous device--few, in fact, are having any real success following the leader, for that matter. Certainly Acer's line of reasoning regarding their comments on tablets reflects some of what I've said. The rest is because the terms 'tablet' and 'iPad' are interchangeable in many people's minds, and that's just not a mountain most companies will successfully scale.

Comment This is the true power of Apple (Score 0) 692

To take what is essentially an expensive toy, an oversized smartphone which doesn't make calls, a laptop which is only barely practical for any serious use, and turn it into a smash success which creates an entirely new sector of portable electronics and dominates the shit out of it. Apple is the New England Patriots of consumer technology.

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