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Comment Re:Help! (Score 1) 769

Wow, talk about pure evil. I've been playing around with the idea of adding solar panels to my house, right now I'm working on the insulation, but this makes me want to go out and buy some solar panels sooner than later; I think that option just got higher on my to do list of home improvements, damn the cost.

Comment A little additional information would be useful (Score 2) 140

I realize this is a specialized subject and that the people who are really interested in this already know what is being discussed. However, I feel your audience would be much wider if you added a short paragraph on what Enlightenment is, what Wayland is and why what you are discussing is a big deal. I'm not being sarcastic, the title is intriguing, but I don't have the time to dig through all the available resources to really understand what is being discussed. Just a suggestion.

Comment Re:Pffft (Score 1) 723

It would be great to have the right equipment on hand when there was significant snow or ice to deal with, but in my experience such events only happen every three to twelve years, or more or less. That's a potentially long time to keep expensive equipment standing around not being used. Try that and then listen to people whine about the "waste" and how all that money could have been better spent on schools, police, and just about anything else you have a personal interest in, instead of a once in a decade (they always exaggerate) event. Oh, and be prepared for the news teams to fiercely total up the cost of storage and maintenance as they rabidly struggle to make news and justify their jobs (yeah, they do that). The fact is that the forecast from NOAA was for a light dusting to possibly a half inch of snow. Instead it was two and a half or more inches and it came sooner than we were told it would. Even as it happened the storm tracking new shows with their three dimensional real time radars couldn't tell us how bad it was going to be. In fact there were plenty of people saying stay home, don't go out if you don't have to, if you were willing to listen. That said, the single biggest problem was that all the schools and businesses let out at once and the roads were jammed up. Add that to the pavement getting slippery and you had the makings of a disaster. When this happens again in 2019 people will have forgotten they don't know how to drive in the snow, the new government will lament the previous governments inadequate preparations (but it's not in the budget for next year either) and people will go to work/whatever planning to get as much done as possible before the storm hits. And when the storm does hit they'll all rush home jamming up the roads, getting in accidents, etc. and everyone will whine about how things should have been done differently and point fingers everywhere but themselves. Ah, humans, they're just so ... human.

Comment Re:But seriously speaking ... (Score 1) 465

Time Travelers would know about this type of searching because it is history to them, probably covered in Time Traveling 101, and wouldn't do anything that would cause a problem. Your only real hope is that a time traveler is from the far future where relevant records have been lost. In that case they would inevitably end up changing the past so that their exact timeline didn't exist and they didn't travel to the past, thereby not affecting the past meaning their timeline would exist so they would travel to the past thus changing their timeline so that they would never travel to the past, ... creating an infinite dual path time loop (I just invented that term!) (I have a vision of multiple timelines flickering in and out of existence, really, really fast). If you assume that each loop was slightly different, due to something like quantum indeterminacy (QI), then eventually the loop would create a stable time line where time travel is never developed. If QI doesn't apply then either the timeline would loop so that the future is dependent on the time traveler going into the past and changing something, or the universe would explode. So even if time travel is possible it either won't happen or we'll all die. Bummer.

Comment Re:Fuck Google (Score 2) 139

The very last thing I want is to hook up everything to the internet. It's just another target for someone to hack and also I've found the greater complexity of a device the greater the probability of failure and the harder and more expensive is the repair. On the very rare occasion my 25 year old clothes dryer needs maintenance whichever repair repair tech comes out always says don't get rid of it. The newer models are only good for about seven to ten years and then have to be scrapped because something breaks that is too expensive to fix.

Comment Re:The only fix for vampire draw (Score 1) 424

A lawsuit which will poof into an existential mist as soon as a software fix is installed. Agreed it's an issue to be dealt with but new technologies always have teething problems. Some people seem to assume that the way things are right now is the way they will always be. Tesla has acknowledged the problem and it is in their best interest to fix it and so they will. Now that it's gotten some publicity they will probably work on a solution that much harder. This literally isn't a life or death matter; most Tesla owners won't care as long as it is fixed and at most they will be owed some trivial compensation for the extra electricity used.

Comment Re:Vague criticism (Score 1) 361

"I don't have to hold my tongue when someone is wrong or worry about formalities" This is incorrect. You should be professional in how you act at work; the only alternative is to be seen as unprofessional. Have fun but raise the bar on how you treat people. Be civil, be clear; what is obvious to you is very often obvious only to you. If you are sure you are right don't back down, but sometimes you will still be wrong and having to admit you were wrong after having acted like an ass can be humiliating.

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