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Comment Re:Fox News coverage (Score 1) 93

The first thing I thought of was that the Right Wing media is going to come up with some preposterous explanation that blames some fundamentally obvious exploit on the Sun.

Apparently you haven't been educated, Tsingi. That exploit of the sun *IS* why and how the dinosaurs died. Didn't you read your (c)2012 Science of the Universe school book??

Careful, I don't think you studied up on that one. The 2009 edition explained that it was a joke the dinosaurs were playing on the mammalian hunters.

Guns don't kill people. Dinosaur soup does.

Comment Re:A better investment for that $44B: Apple (Score 1) 151

Microsoft already owns Apple stocks. It owns lots of Facebook stock too, and that has grown even more than Apple within the recent years and become one of the most visited sites on the internet.

Did I miss the FaceBook IPO?

I was going to say the same thing. I checked a bit and found out that there seems to be a remarkable amount of articles about facebook's share value for a company that isn't listed on a stock exchange.

For $5000USD, I'll give you 20,000 shares of FFBK. Ignore the fact you don't see it on the market; it's a super-secret club stock. You'll thank me. ;)

Guns don't kill people, FutureFaceBooK does. --humor

Comment Re:Banninate it. (Score 2) 206

Point is, if the government takes it upon themselves to enact a new rule, regulation, or prohibition for every danger in the world, then there's nothing you can do freely.

This is the main problem, yes. This is why I quit trying to improve the system by voting. In the end, natural selection occurs and natural evolution corrects issues. With our laws limiting so much, there is really no solution in sight. Not everyone will agree on what should and shouldn't happen; bans and regulations inspire more opposition than they do safety.

Guns don't kill people, regulation does.

Comment Re:Siri and translation (Score 1) 185

You were thinking of Kraft, right? Bait and switch!

You got me, you got me. Actually, yes, I was thinking of a food manufacturer and thought P&G would be a better reference. Great minds. Love your nick btw! What's the gov't up to today?

Thank you. The government is up to making you wish you knew what the government is up to. :)

Comment Re:Siri and translation (Score 1) 185


What do they call the process where you say that you're better than the competition in a VERY loosely-related type of product?

e.g. "In the news today, Proctor and Gamble, Inc. has announced that it plans to compete with the largest trucking companies. P&G claims that its delivery processes are faster than all other trucking companies." "Well, they USE trucking companies, so their food must be the best if they are competing with the other trucking companies, right?"

Yes, and their soap is the smoothest delicacy on the market. LOL

You were thinking of Kraft, right? Bait and switch!

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 904

Hmm... Life insurance will be more expensive, pay raises will be lower, doctors will own more yachts when they die, retirement age will be 116, there will be more conservatives and less social change, food and other resources will become scarce, there will be more population and everything that comes with it, more people will go to grad school, families will be bigger, family reunions will need more seating, more senators will be balding, viagra sales will skyrocket, and the year will be greater than or equal to 2036.

Next question!

It's all a move to maintain greater output from the populace.
Unfortunately, it's difficult to keep a job the older you get. I shouldn't bring up the topic of health care and government accounting. :)

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