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Comment Re:Net neutrality (Score 1) 340

First of, I apologize for any lack of clarity - I'm way too tired to be thinking, let alone posting.

Secong, I just used the RIAA as an example a big nasty megacorp. Substitute whatever. My point wasn't about the **AA, or even any other corporate conglomerate. It's this: the goverment is (at least in theory) us, the people. It's in place to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. But also, and more imoprtant in this context: the purpose of government (as perscribed to us by modern political liberal tradition) is to protect the majority from the abuses of the few. Without regulation, we're screwed. With too much regulation, we're screwed. Our only hope is to keep fighting to keep the middle ground.

And yes, unfortunately I do believe we're heading in the direction you're predicting. It's sad, but it's true. Fact is, it's *always* true. Big lords/industrialists/corporations(/substitute whatever) will always try and gain as much power over the populace as it can, down to slavery if possible (been there, done that). Government will *always* try to control to the population, too. Down to slavery, if possible. It's nothing new. Thge solution isn't to abolish regulations. It's to balance out the powers in the most beneficial way. It's tricky, and it requires government regulation. And here my verbal diahorrea stops because I run out of words.

Again, sorry for the incomrehensibleness. (I doubt I made much sense at all.)

Comment Re:lolwut? (Score 1) 510

I guess I see your point. After all, it is mellon's fault the restaurant owner (who presumably is in the business to make money, and not for the sheer fun of working 20 hours a day) made a poor choice a few years in designing a site that would load slowly over connections that were available at the time, and who since then decided to not update the website to actually be useful. Hell no, can't be the restauranteus for hiring a cheap dweeb to make an unusable website. Or not updating it in years.

The point is not necessarily about flash (although it is in this context). It's about the fact that if you're not telling me what I want to know, or making me jumps through hoops to find it out - you won't see my money.*

* Personally, I rarely choose restaurants by menu. I'm lucky enough to have friends who like to eat out and know the best spots. And when I'm not with them, the menu itself isn't the deciding factor of me going in. But that's just me and restaurants. The point stands for pretty much anything else.

Comment Re:I don't know how things work in the UK (Score 2, Funny) 572

I dunno, I'm anxious to come and visit the US as soon as humanly possible. From this side of the pond it looks all it would take is pretty much anything you can scream loud enough about and there would be millions of dollars in lawsuits. I can't wait to visit your great country. My lungs are big, my throat is strong, and I can scream like a cicada. I'm gonna be rich!

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