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Comment Bad with stairs (Score 1) 63

It's plainly obvious when watching it climb stairs that it's just placing its feet down in a pattern, and when one misses a step or slips it moves forward a bit and tries again. What they need to get working on is placing each foot in a specific chosen spot. But that's a whole nother level of AI programming.

Comment Image quality isn't everything (Score 3, Insightful) 422

Camera size has always been a big factor in photography. Smartphone cameras have that locked down solid. There's simply no competition to always having a decent small camera in your pocket all the time. The camera market has reverted back to only being for true hobbyists that want something better than what their phone gives them.

Comment Not new (Score 1) 84

It's using the smartphone to display the results so they don't have to include a screen on the device, and it's using the power from the phone instead of having its own batteries. It's not exactly the smartphone doing any of the testing. It's just another case of normal computing done on a smaller computer somehow being news. They could easily add a screen and a battery but that would raise the cost of the device and not force users to have much more expensive smartphones. Sometimes it's far better to have a standalone device.

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