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Comment Re:Too bad they're not also pushing ... (Score 1) 207

The attempts by people to badmouth CDMA never cease to amaze me. The original GSM was based on the horribly inefficient TDMA. Basically, the phones took turns talking to the tower, even if they had nothing to say. You got the same limited bandwidth whether you were the only phone connected to the tower, or if the tower were at capacity. If there were more phones than timeslices, you couldn't connect, period.

This is only true for active calls. Many more "idle" phones could be connected at once. There is a limit of 8 connections/cell (so usually 24/tower).

CDMA allows all phones to transmit simultaneously, they just use orthogonal codes which allow the tower to decipher which signal came from which phone. It's computationally more expensive, but it allows a single phone to use all the bandwidth if there are no other phones, while distributing the bandwidth equally if there are multiple phones. If there are more phones transmitting than bandwidth, you start getting dropouts (the volatility of SNR means there's no hard limit at which this happens, as with TDMA).

Completely true.

When carriers started adding data services, GSM was borked due to TDMA's inefficiency. That's why CDMA carriers rolled out 2G and 3G service about a year sooner than GSM carriers. GSM was forced to graft on a separate non-TDMA radio just to handle data traffic. (This is also why you can talk and use data simultaneously on GSM - the phones have two radios, one for voice, one for data. It's not a feature; it's a side-benefit to a fix which CDMA never needed. Most CDMA phones just have one radio which handles both voice and data.) The later GSM 3g data protocols used wideband CDMA. That's right, CDMA won - it was the better technology for data. GSM just incorporated it into their standard so it was still called GSM. If LTE is CDMA functionally dead-ending, then GSM dead-ended way back when cellular data services were first added.

No, GPRS (GSM's data bolt-on) does not need a separate radio. It uses the free timeslices (not used for voice) for transferring data between the handset and cell (tower). So if all of the 8 timeslots are busy, no data. If no one is talking, then you can (theoretically) use all that for data (though most phones have a limit of at most 4 or 5 of the 8 timeslots).

Comment Re:A pity Framework isn't revived this way (Score 1) 131

Sounds great, but many users have difficulty separating form (presentation) from content (data). Unless this separation can be done seamlessly or can be easily done incrementally, there's no chance if something powerful like this catching on. I mean, do you realize how many quite intelligent people still use word processors like a typewriter? And truthfully, sometimes that is the fastest and best approach for a one-off job.

Comment Re:Duh... (Score 1) 312

No, direct deposit means the company transfers money (an employee's salary) directly to the employee's account. No checks involved. Prevalent in Europe--there's really no other common way to get that (legal) salary payment. Really, aside from novely checks, checks here no longer exist.

Comment Re:Rounding to EUR 0.05 (Score 1) 594

But it's much easier to deal with the smaller number of different types of coins in your wallet. 1, 3, 10, 30 is 4 types while 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 is 6 types. I never had a coin problem is the US, but in Euro-countries I never seem to have the correct coins even if my wallet is full of them. And they are a pain to pick out.


Submission + - Freeing Mapping with Open Street Map ( 2

teeks99 writes: Wired has an article on Open Street Map, which is a free mapping database, and can be accessed in a manner similar to google maps, but without the restrictions. It was built from so USGS data in the United States, and has been updated by users uploading GPS tracks from in car navigation devices.

Submission + - Do IT people like sports?

SeminoleTom writes: So this is a question that was raised on a local sports talk show when one of the hosts said "Computer people do not like sports". As a huge sports fan I think it would be good to find out what my fellow 'geeks' think. Yes I am a geek but not all geeks are only into computers and science fiction. I play sports and watch on TV. I would love to hear what others have to say on this topic. Thanks.

Submission + - Is typing finally ruining my ability to spell?

NSN A392-99-964-5927 writes: "I shall try not to be pedantic about this subject, however my hand-writing abilities have deteriorated over the years.

Haven spoken to a few friends, this has also become apparent to them too; namely putting a real pen to paper, I am frustrated how to spell correctly, as I am so used to using a keyboard and where the letters are.

I have noticed that my grammer is also effected, and maybe this is because I have spent too much time on IRC and lowered mt standards.

Hand-written words are now becoming obsolete. There is no need to think about writing anymore or how something is spelled using computers, I wanted to know if other slashdoters have the same problem?

One should add that I am used to Telex machines; which should give you and indication of how old I am."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Behind Menuet: an OS written entirely in assembler (

angry tapir writes: "MenuetOS is an operating system written entirely in assembly language. As a result it's extremely quick and compact (it can even fit on a floppy disk, despite having a GUI). It can run Quake. Two of the developers behind MenuetOS took time out to talk to us about what inspired them to undertake the daunting task of writing the operating system, the current state of the OS and future plans for it."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - World's only diesel-electric Honda Insight ( 1

Jake Staub writes: "Just replaced the gasoline engine in a Honda Insight with a Diesel engine. On a 3,000 mile cross country shake down journey the car averaged 92mpg over 1,800 miles. Around a very hilly town in Northwest Washington the car is averaging 78mpg. These mileage averages are without the electric side of the vehicle fully functional. With a bit more tinkering on the electric side and through a slight gearing change through tire size it is anticipated that the car will likely average 100mpg. The build for the car has been documented on the web site and is as close to open source as my time allows. The car was built by two guys in a garage in Southern Maryland. If we can do it I don't see any reason why major auto manufacturers can't do it since we used their parts."

Submission + - Root any Android device with one click (

cyanogen writes: Root your android phone in less than 30 seconds. (Previous methods could take more than an hour). Most phones can be done with one click, some phones require downloading an additional recovery.img to the SD card, typing the path to it + one click. This exploit will be patched VERY quickly — so it is important to act fast. This exploit is already patched in most custom ROMs, but an OTA update has not been released.

Submission + - Google Android is not so open after all ( 1

demiurg writes: "It looks like Google Anroid is neither fully open source nor fully open. The bulk of the Android telephony API cannot be easily accessed by 3rd party applications. There is a lot of important functionality in the package. For instance, the Phone application uses this internal API to make/answer a call and access the SIM. This API is not documented. It can and probably will change in the future, and generally, it is not intended for use by applications that are not part of the Android platform--so much for the "All applications are created equal" motto."

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