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Submission + - League of Legend's developer doing own startup, developing new Non-Violent MMO

Runesabre writes: The previous Technical Director of League of Legends that helped grow the game from 35,000 players to 32 million players has his own startup venture in full swing focused on developing and bringing to market a non-violent free to play MMO called Enspira Online . Considering all the news and politics over the past few years about violent gaming and discussion of the potential harmful effects violent gaming might or might not be having on society, it's refreshing to see less talk and real development of a non-violent alternative.

Submission + - League of Legends Previous Technical Director Creating Non-Violent MMO Game (

Runesabre writes: The previous Technical Director of League of Legends, a 20-year veteran MMO game developer named Kirk Black (also credited with Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, The Lord of the Rings, and Tabula Rasa among others), is creating a non-violent MMO adventure game called Enspira Online with the vision of bringing fun, safe, inspiring entertainment to people all around the world. With all the talk recently about violence in video gaming and its potential negative effects on kids and society, now's a chance to support the creation of a non-violent alternative from an experienced developer.

Submission + - Non-Violent MMO in works from developer on League of Legends, Ultima Online (

Runesabre writes: A 20-year veteran MMO game developer named Kirk Black who's worked on past entertainment products like League of Legends, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies and The Lord of the Rings Online has his own Non-Violent MMO Adventure Game in development called Enspira Online. Enspira Online has the Vision of bringing Fun, Safe, Non-Violent, Inspiring Entertainment to a Global Community and needs support to help bring it to life. There's lots of talk about whether violent video gaming has harmful effects on kids and society. Now's a chance to support the creation of a non-violent alternative.

Comment Web Server development (Score 3, Insightful) 263

I remember when Perl was the workhouse behind all custom web server development. One of the few times I had "fun" writing code. Such a cryptic looking language that made perfect sense the moments you are writing it and completely alien days later.

Comment Real performance gained with multi-process arch. (Score 1) 404

Multi-process is the scalable architecture of choice. You get the same advantage of utilizing all available cores within a given hardware context as well as the ability to expand across multiple hardware contexts. Hardware still gets limited eventually by memory, cores, network throughput, disk, etc. Multi-process allows you to utilize more pieces of hardware to scale up your system.

Multi-threading unnecessarily complicates the ability to develop, debug and maintain a program and is still limited within the hardware context it's running. If you want real, scalable performance that isn't bottlenecked by cores, memory or other hardware context limitations, design for multi-process architectures.

Comment How many drop-out BioChemists or Doctors? (Score 1) 716

How many Bio-chemists or Doctors do you know that are college drop-outs?

The whole "drop out" is a farce rationalization by people looking for an easy way to financial wealth. Almost always you have technologists, business or artistic type people used as "successful" examples of the whole "college doesn't matter" supporters which makes sense because the actual skill and resources used to be successful in those kinds of ventures can be learned outside of college with resources readily available for those interested in those particularly career paths. Bandwidth, paints, computing hardware, brushes, ideas are all readily available at the individual's fingertips; all that's needed is vision, passion, persistence and hard work.

You can't and won't learn bio-chemistry or how to do surgical procedures at home as is true with many ventures. And the reality is most people won't have the fortune of great ideas, capital and luck timing to realize an amazing idea that turns them into independently wealthy, successful "drop out" examples.

Yes, there are examples of people who have become wildly successful while being a college drop-out in certain fields. What will still be required for even those rare examples is hard work, focus, persistence in the face of adversity and fortuitousness timing which most "drop out" enthusiasts are most likely looking to avoid and skip to the "successful" part.

Comment Re:Standardized Remote Touchscreen API (Score 1) 445

Linux is free yet still hardly registers as a blip on the Desktop radar. It's only been recently with the standardization of Android as the smartphone platform of choice has Linux finally gained significance to the general consumer outside of the server room and enthusiast crowd.

Widespread adoption requires standardization.

Comment Re:Standardized Remote Touchscreen API (Score 1) 445

I imagine something wireless that doesn't require a physical connection. I personally love my remote/keyless entry and start and want to extend that convenience to the interface with my smartphone to my in-dash output. I don't want to have to manually plug anything in or fetch a cable. Just simply the presence is enough to activate.

Comment Re:Standardized Remote Touchscreen API (Score 1) 445

I view it as something akin to HTML which is versatile and flexible without being company/brand specific. In this case, there are many different parties involved. Making it "free" like Linux just causes fragmentation and won't create the adoptive critical mass to make it useful for the general population.

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