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Comment What about the children!?!?! (Score 0, Offtopic) 197

No seriously. I'd be curious about the legalities of this; can they ensure that the age of the person they're "outing" is an adult? Are their "children online privacy" laws in Brazil similar to the U.S.?

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Comment Teaching Software Development (Score 5, Interesting) 98

Since the code needs to be audited anyways, it'd be a great chance for an instructor to introduce code reviews and/or pull requests. And maybe during that process, help enlighten other curious inmates as to how the system and programming works.

-- Jim
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Comment Content Control (Score -1, Flamebait) 157

Has there ever been a case where the copyright owner claimed that a video like this wasn't intended for release, initiated DMCA takedowns and successfully repossessed the media? This feels like rare content that content holders would want to protect if possible, maybe even enhance for a future release..

-- Jim
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Comment Applies to all events? (Score 5, Interesting) 194

Facebook makes me personally more engaged and thoughtful of all events, both news and personal.

It's amazing how I can see someone that I connected with on Facebook in real life and have a vague notion of what they are up to. It makes me feel connected. The same goes for news; my friends all read the new several times a day and therefore gives me a hand on the pulse of current events, even though that's not my intent.


Submission + - Help with a diagnosis ( 1

Jim Jones writes: "I've recently been given a diagnosis from my doctor for which I am unsure of what action to take.

I've went ahead and posted my CT scans and an xray (from 2006) to my blog and am soliciting the opinion of the Internet as to how I should interpret these results and what my next course of action should be.

I think that I am the first person to ever place their medical records and scans for the world to review. Is this the first instance of a communal diagnosis?"

Comment Journalist == Hacker? (Score 4, Interesting) 188

So, did this Phillips guy develop the trojan that stole the Fark passwords? Did this guy minor in CompSci?

So a news anchor has hacked Fark in an attempt to possibly steal source code for their own social networking site?
This apparently isn't your average local anchor.

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Apple and LG plan Flash Laptops 197

Lucas123 writes "An article in Computerworld states that Apple and LG each plan to launch new laptops — one that's supposed to ship this month — with hybrid disk drives. The new drives are like hybrid cars in that the NAND flash memory works in conjunction with the spinning disk, kicking in data that can be cached like portions of the operating system, which can make for much faster boot up and resume times."

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