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Comment Amazon is Hurting Itself Too. (Score 1) 192

It seems like a lot of these knock-offs are directly cutting into the sale of Amazon's Basics brand as well. I've bought several of their cables and adapters over the years and had very good experiences with them. They aren't the cheapest cables, but frequently they are the cheapest cables that seem trustworthy.

If I want cheap knock-offs, I'll go to eBay. I expect a little more from Amazon.

Comment Catastrophic Failure? (Score 5, Interesting) 196

FTFA: "Raytheon, the contractor that makes the blimps, says the cable is unlikely to break.

"The chance of that happening is very small because the tether is made of Vectran and has withstood storms in excess of 100 knots," the company said on its website. "However, in the unlikely event it does happen, there are a number of procedures and systems in place which are designed to bring the aerostat down in a safe manner.""

So what exactly happened? The cable broke, AND they are unable to get the blimp to safely land?

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