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Comment Re:Electrons cause consciousness. (Score 1) 729

Interesting view. (1) I would say consciousness is useful from the social point of view since we can explain our actions and change other's. It's an evolutionary advantage that we can exchange lower level information between us and not just 'act' as the only causality. I also can say that, as we are not very efficient analyzing every situation, we have some feelings, sensations, and gut instinct. The fact that we are conscious and can get input for the conscience of others and act against this instinct also has evolutionary advantages. I understand that in an hypothetical world with no randomness things are predetermined but it's still a chaotic system and the interactions we have with each other affect the behavior of the system. Being conscious changes these interactions and is still an advantage from the evolutionary point of view. (2) I'm not disputing that there is quantum mechanics black magic happening in the world and randomness - although i'm not an expert in this, it seems to be well founded and experimentally testable. Wouldn't it be enough to have randomness around us and in some chemical processes going inside us - without our brain being this machine to do amplification of quantum effects to compute incomputable functions, like Penrose defends?

Comment Re:Electrons cause consciousness. (Score 1) 729

I don't see how free will is connected with consciousness. From my point of view, consciousness is the awareness of process of accessing my experiences/memory and make a decision/act according to that. Usually in (what i think is) my best interest. We can even justify the decisions (and so we are very aware of the process), but i would not say that's a requirement to have a conscience. Free will is something different, It's the question of the amount of liberty you have to take whatever decision. What I defend is that the decision one wants to take is defined by who one is. If who you are is defined at an atomic level there is no need of a subatomic brain to have free will.

Comment Re:Electrons cause consciousness. (Score 1) 729

Free will is not the most important here. If my decisions depend just on my current state (up to the atomic level) and, given that state, I would act the same way, there are no problems with that. Since my 'current state' depends on the lives of my ancestors (passed through their genes) and everything I experienced throughout my life, my current state is what I really am. Me. I don't know of any evidence that points to consciousness being linked with quantum mechanics and I don't see why it would need to be.

Comment Re:It's time (Score 3) 68

In fact I'm curious about this too. The iphone/itunes link means that you can infect one and get the other as bonus. Additionally phones give more vectors of infection. You carry them around and connect them to several different networks. This has to be appealing for exploiters(tm).

Comment Re:Directories (Score 1) 356

I'm exaggerating, i try to keep photos organized, folders for code, etc. I just use this attic to put every file that i'm not sure I wan't to keep until I read and analyze it. There are some things people send to my gmail that I just save there. I have it in gmail anyway if I ever what to find it again, and sometime this folder has several copies of the same file.As I do research, I read lots of articles and I'm not really sure if they are useful or not until I read the abstract and the introduction. Someone sends you a pdf where do you put it? I think I wouldn't lose much information if my disk died. I have all my pictures in flickr. All code and important stuff under versioning... I don't even care about backups... My comment was just to illustrate the problem with directories - the information that does not easily fit is the structure.... I would like to have a solution for this but I don't have any...

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