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Comment Re:Mine is G (Score 2) 88

My router was G. My router was old. My router worked fine just everywhere in my house. And garage. And shed.
Then there was a thunderstorm and the the ADSL port went deaf.
So I go a new, high power N router.
Now I can get a great, full bars signal from anywhere in the house, but can no longer transfer any data
at all from three rooms away, never mind the garage, even though I've got a full bars signal. WTF?
Netgear POS.

Comment Netgear firmware problem. (Score 1) 147

I had a problem with a Netgear router not being able to remember DHCP to MAC assignments. This was a problem in the version of dnsmasq baked into the firmware, but that had been fixed in the current version of dnsmasq. So I called up technical support to ask if there was a later version of the firmware, or source code I could rebuild from. After about 40minutes of going through a completely useless script. ("No I won't click the start button, Debian doesn't have one, you insensitive clod.") I gave up and eBay'd the paperweight. No more Netgear for me.

Comment Re:I need to see more (Score 2) 711

What makes *this* perpetual motion machine different enough from all the others that it's worth a look?

Well, the lack of someone trying to sell something while hiding how it works. That and there have been several independent groups that have already looked and haven't found something obviously wrong. So the chances of this being a real effect have gone from one in millions to one in hundreds. The smart money is still on "there's something that's been overlooked". (Faster than light neutrinos = dodgy cable???) But at least this is now interesting.

Comment Re:Value of something IS what the market will bear (Score 1) 121

Products ARE worth what people are willing to pay for them. That is a cold stone fact..

The price is determined by what the buyer is prepared to pay, and what the seller is willing to accept. It is rare, but an ethical seller can decide a price is too *high* and refuse to sell except at a lower price.

Comment What about USB PID/VID numbers? (Score 1) 117

I've got a software+hardware project I'd like to (when it works) release as BSD/GPL/open-source. I'd be flattered if it was popular enough get knock-offs and derivatives. But I don't want to have to deal with my software not quite working right for these third party hardwares. So can I restrict use of my software+firmware+hardware to, "yes, here's all the code and design, open source, but if you change anything don't use my VID+PID, get your own"? Is this still open source, and can I still use the GPL? (BTW, I got my VID+PID from for 15euro, and there's open hardware projects, OpenMoko, I think, that also provide them.)

Comment Recommended book. (Score 1) 275

I want to give making my own valves a go, but first I've got to overhaul my vacuum pump, because it doesn't suck. (Well, I need at least 35torr, and it has trouble getting to 120torr.)
I've got this book and like it: Instruments of Amplification.
It's not so much a howto guide as a recounting of "I did this, and this is how it worked". Useful tips on how to cut open bulbs and harvest filaments, how to drill glass, basics of vacuum working and lots else.

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