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Comment Re:Value of something IS what the market will bear (Score 1) 121

Products ARE worth what people are willing to pay for them. That is a cold stone fact..

The price is determined by what the buyer is prepared to pay, and what the seller is willing to accept. It is rare, but an ethical seller can decide a price is too *high* and refuse to sell except at a lower price.

Comment What about USB PID/VID numbers? (Score 1) 117

I've got a software+hardware project I'd like to (when it works) release as BSD/GPL/open-source. I'd be flattered if it was popular enough get knock-offs and derivatives. But I don't want to have to deal with my software not quite working right for these third party hardwares. So can I restrict use of my software+firmware+hardware to, "yes, here's all the code and design, open source, but if you change anything don't use my VID+PID, get your own"? Is this still open source, and can I still use the GPL? (BTW, I got my VID+PID from http://www.mcselec.com/ for 15euro, and there's open hardware projects, OpenMoko, I think, that also provide them.)

Comment Recommended book. (Score 1) 275

I want to give making my own valves a go, but first I've got to overhaul my vacuum pump, because it doesn't suck. (Well, I need at least 35torr, and it has trouble getting to 120torr.)
I've got this book and like it: Instruments of Amplification.
It's not so much a howto guide as a recounting of "I did this, and this is how it worked". Useful tips on how to cut open bulbs and harvest filaments, how to drill glass, basics of vacuum working and lots else.

Comment SDR transmitting (Score 2) 42

For transmitting there's the HackRF which is a few mW output and is the one I've played with. Also another supplier that has cheaper, transmit only versions; the HackRF Blue
For quite a bit more, there's MIMO capable devices such as the Ettus USRP that lets you run your own GSM basestation among other things.
And for a more stand alone device, there's always the PortableSDR
I've got a HackRF and am having fun with it trying to make a network analyzer. The others, I've just heard about.

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