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Comment Re:Microsoft == dumbass (Score 1) 91

Yeah, I tested. Suddenly my laptop battery life became comparable between MS Edge and competing OS/browser combinations, thus breaking compatibility with MS benchmarks. When I contacted MS about the issue, Steve Ballmer became mad and threw a chair at me. That cause hardware problems, from which I am still recovering. Then their lawyers sued me for defamation, violating their EULA, assault with intent to kill, and lost profits resulting in the layoff of thousands of workers. Posting AC for obvious reasons. Long story short, use Edge on Windows.

Comment Re:I am Jack's total lack of surprise. (Score 1) 249

It would be really easy for the manufacturer to test these meters before sending to utility company though. If only the electricity retailers asked. If an electricity retailer was heavily sued for false charges in a class action lawsuit, then I am certain they would start asking for assurances from manufacturers, or even testing a random sample of meters themselves before installation. At the moment it looks like the power companies and the manufacturers have a cozy co-conspiracy going on, where the manufacturers make big profits off cheap meters, and the electricity retailers charge for more electricity then they actually sell. Neither side will hold the other accountable as long as they both profit from the deal.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 224

You would know you crossed an event horizon because the increase in gravitational force would be so strong that your limbs closest to the centre of the black hole would be ripped from their sockets, piece by piece, sucking the blood out of you as they went, while the rest of your body tried to catch up. Crossing an event horizon would literally rip the shit out of you. And if you turned to see what the fuck is going on, your eyes would be pulled out of their sockets too. "A Briefer History of Time" by Stephen Hawking, pages 79-81, says it far more eloquently.

Comment Re:Not top 1% of earners (Score 1) 805

No, that is the average income of the top 1%, not the lower cutoff:

The top 1 percent of earners in the United States had an average income of $1,153,298 in 2013

According to the Tax Foundation, the top 1% US gross income cutoff point was > $434,682 in 2012. So you needed to earn more than $434,682 to be in the top 1% percentile. Of course, some people earn far more than that, hence the very high average.

Anyway, if you are reading this, you are almost certainly in the top 1% by global standards. The World Bank puts the global 1% threshold at $34,000 US.

Comment Re:It's not office. (Score 2) 557

That's a fact. Word shits itself with large documents. I've seen it too many times. Be prepared for your computer to freeze while scrolling, tables to break, and formatting to spontaneously mess itself up. Worst of all, keep multiple running backups so you have a recent usable document to revert to when Word saves random garbage to your thesis. People have asked me if I can recover their fucked-up Word thesis. They had to revert to an old copy they emailed or put on a USB dongle two weeks before. If you are using Endnote to manage references, expect your problems to double.

If you must use a GUI, and want to power of LaTeX, try Lyx. It saves as plaintext, but outputs via LaTeX. You can also export TeX files periodically to be safe.

Comment Re:Trolling in the summary (Score 2) 277

Those are also countries with little foreign media; they have government-run educational systems, media, and churches; and they are small, protestant, ethnically uniform countries. It's not surprising that under those conditions, citizens believe their countries to be non-corrupt.

You just described North Korea word for word, except for the church part, which the personality cult of our dear leader makes up for. Are you trying to tell me that New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark succeeded to convince their populations that they don't experience corruption, while North Korea failed? How the fuck did North Korea fail? They have the best of everything: no foreign media, all education, including university education, is government run, and any foreigner unfortunate enough to go there is assigned their very own team of round-the-clock minders who follow you everywhere, that is how few foreigners there are in North Korea.

Seriously though, maybe we know exactly what corruption is, and we just don't tolerate it as a society. For example, in New Zealand there is no way you can bribe a police officer to get out of a traffic infringement. Don't even try it, it's not worth it. I have never had to bribe someone to get something done. We don't even tip. Ever. Employers are expected to pay their staff a living wage. New Zealand media is almost entirely foreign owned BTW. And we have two major ethnicities. And almost nobody goes to church anymore. And our schools can be public or private.

Comment Re:An awful lot of hating on colleges here. (Score 1) 495

How about we ask pensioners pay for their own pensions. My grandparents generation had a shorter life expectancy, saved for their own retirement, and there just weren't that many old people relative to the workforce. So my parents generation didn't have to pay much for their parents pensions and healthcare. Then my parents generation enjoyed the benefits of the contraceptive pill, before they knew about AIDS, had fewer children, and didn't save as much for retirement as their parents did. Now my parents generation wants me to pay for their pensions and healthcare, while they retire in greater numbers and live longer than at any other time in history. I don't need a butt-load of healthcare right now, my parent's generation do, but I'm paying for it. Who's going to pay for me when I'm old? As the summary says, I am clearly NOT earning a significantly higher salary. There won't be any money left once the baby boomer are finished, so I have to save/pay for my own retirement. And they want my generation to pay for our own education too? Something has to give.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 69

Consequences only appear after a breach happens, and nobody thinks a breach will ever happen to them. That only happens to incompetent companies. Anyway, if you prevent a breach from happening, then no breach ever occurs, and the cost of preventing such a breach was money wasted as far as management cares. Better spend that money on bonuses. You do want a bonus this year, don't you?

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