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Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 262

I don't think there is a realistic solution. If institutions such as universities uphold freedom of speech, all of it, including content which some people might consider wilfully uninformed (homoeopathy, anti-vaccine, hollow earth, global warming denial, smoking is good for your health, etc), then those institutions will be accused of endorsing such opinions, spreading misinformation, and bringing themselves into disrepute. If those same institutions don't allow some content to be expressed, then the other side accuses them of suppressing freedom of speech or even trying to hide something to support their vested interests. Both accusations are valid. You can't win either way. I guess everyone is free to express their ideas, and everyone else has the right to not listen.

Comment Re:"Revenue was not a top priority" (Score 3, Interesting) 167

That's venture capital for you though. Their modus operandi seems to be 'invest in many startups -> grow customer base as fast as possible -> sell for higher price to next investor'. VCs are trying to profit from capital gains made during the growth phase of a company. Therefore growth is the top priority. Most investments will be a write-off, some break even, and one or two may be the next Google or Tesla and make up for all the other losses. Another type of investor will take over once a company reaches break-even.

Comment Re:Revolution (Score 1) 129

Fair enough, from a company perspective. But from a global economic perspective, who will buy your product or service if the majority of people don't have a job? And what happens to these people? Do we let them die because they can't afford the basic necessities of life? Or should the government care for these people? How do you think the government will afford that? They are going to raise tax of course. In societies without social safety nets, people tend to care for their family members anyway, rather than let them starve, so people with good jobs such as yourself end up supporting multiple family members. So if you want to benefit from the stability of a civil society, then you end up paying for the care of people who are unable to care for themselves one way or another.

Comment Re:100 years ago, who cares? (Score 1) 480

It might help the Turks to feel less defensive about their history. And it might help the Armenians to move on from their history. Germany admit they fucked up in a really big way and they have done all they can to make amends and ensure it never happens again. For them, you truly can say that digging up historical grievances does not help anyone, because they have already dealt with their past. They have earned the right to not burden current generations with the sins of their ancestors. What has Turkey done?

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

Seriously WTF? This is wrong in so many ways. The rebels do not have the knowledge, equipment, ingredients, or finance to make Sarin to begin with. The rebels have never, ever, used Sarin against anybody by all accounts. Not even Assad and his supporters have implied such a thing. If they did know how to make Sarin, then why wait until now to use it, years into the war, instead of use it early on and bring a quick end to the war. And of all the places to use it, why the fuck would the rebels risk losing the support of their own people by killing innocent civilians in their own territory?

Dumbass masterplan:
Fight for several years,
Kill your own people with Sarin,
Provoke a reaction from the US,

Comment Re:We need a study for this? (Score 1) 96

For future space colonisers, as was the case for the first Europeans colonising America, the most abundant source of food will be other humans. At some point a supply shipment will fail to arrive, reserves will run out, and people will have to decide between starving to death, or eating someone else who has already starved to death and surviving. As long as it's only a temporary scenario, then the population should rebound as soon as supplies resume. We might as well study the dynamics while we can.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1) 231

No, no, no, nothing that convoluted. AC can tell how integrated a job applicant is just by looking at their name. Praveen Singh has clearly not integrated. But if he changed his name to John Fontaine... now that is a well integrated citizen right there. Watch how he confidently holds everybody’s attention in the palm of his hand with his crisp American accent and charismatic style. I'm being sarcastic of course, but sadly there is plenty of evidence that employers suffer that kind of unconscious bias.

Comment Re:German approach (Score 1) 152

Why should your employer not watch you in the bathroom though? They pay for the bathrooms, and the toilet paper you use, and for cleaners to clean up after you. And they are paying you to do work, while you are having a shit. You don't have anything to hide do you? Who are you to decide where the arbitrary boundary between work and privacy should be? I like where Germany has set that boundary. It shows a level of trust. If you can't trust your workers, then you have deeper problems. People who are treated like animals will behave like animals. But people whose basic needs are met, who feel like they are paid well enough, who are treated with dignity and respect, who find meaning in their work and relationships, generally they don't feel the need to go around stealing company property or slaking off.

Comment Re:Microsoft == dumbass (Score 1) 114

Yeah, I tested. Suddenly my laptop battery life became comparable between MS Edge and competing OS/browser combinations, thus breaking compatibility with MS benchmarks. When I contacted MS about the issue, Steve Ballmer became mad and threw a chair at me. That cause hardware problems, from which I am still recovering. Then their lawyers sued me for defamation, violating their EULA, assault with intent to kill, and lost profits resulting in the layoff of thousands of workers. Posting AC for obvious reasons. Long story short, use Edge on Windows.

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