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Comment Re:True that (Score 1) 551

u're so wrong, money can't be 'about' anything really, it has no opinions, goals, intentions, it's a freaking concept first and foremost; it's a fleeting thought, a non-thingamajig.

saying money is about anything is like my neighbor deciding what college my son is going to go to... it's not something they can do, try as they might they can't decide for him, they can only influence his decision.

and that's exactly how the concept of money is used, to influence. what it influences is controlled by it's barer. so in retrospect if money was to be 'about' anything, it'd be about control. but it's still just a concept we allow to manipulate us (if we disregard it's valueless physical form; coin and paper bills).

i use a similar concept to encourage my son to go to bed when i tell him to.

and although software like all man made things  can be imagined, actual software is not imaginary... while the concept of money, the perceived value of it, can only be.

omg, ur attempt to devalue all things, and relate their characteristics to money, is totally valueless. i'll pay u ten dollars to delete ur comment.

Comment Re:Capitalism means crisis (Score 1) 336

and since ur comfortable dinner is all that really matters, everything is going to be alright. and all those people u referred to previously, who think everything is 'going to hell' tomorrow are totally wrong.

~starts to sing~

i live understanding that pretty much 'anything' is possible, but it's generally people that 'believe' negative stuff is going to happen that put the most amount of effort into making negative stuff actually occur. whereas those whom merely recognize the possibility but choose to work towards the opposite, have the opposite effect. and those that truly believe everything is going to be alright are generally totally willing to be complacent and let bad things happen anyway.

so the question really isn't whether it's all going to end poorly tomorrow or not, but whether your 'comfortable dinner' is good for u or not, cause u might have a long life of suffering ahead of u if u make bad choices now.

i mean come on. would u rather have everything end tomorrow knowing everything was going swimmingly when it ended, or let everything go to hell even though it might stay that way forever?

Comment Re:From the last Slashdot article and FYI: (Score 1) 425

i'm gonna go ahead and assume they had insurance with the same company and the guilty party had a more expensive claim. or if it went through the legal system the lawyer knew somebody.

people are fallible, and insurance companies have some of the highest incomes for a reason; they're not there to help u out, or protect u, they're there to make money and they run a monopoly already. there's no reason not to assume the aforementioned incident was unjustly weighted in one direction.

furthermore, in most states i know of, it doesn't matter why the person in front stops, the person behind is liable for maintaining a safe distance. unless the person in front is blatantly driving recklessly, or intentionally causes the accident.

if the person ure following stopped dead in their tracks, would u hit them? if the answer is yes, u need to back off!

Comment Re:Hands-free is allowed (Score 1) 364

yeah, and getting the thing to repeat a direction, or silencing it isn't any different on my app then changing a radio station on the stereo. plus having it right next to the steering wheel allows me to glance at details like 'miles to next turn' without taking my eyes off the road any longer than it does to check the fuel gauge.

good luck passing NO NAV laws in the USA. we have hands-free laws all over the country, but no NO NAV laws that i know of, and for good reason if u ask me.

Comment Re:Hands-free is allowed (Score 1) 364

once u program in the directions u don't have to touch my nav app, so do it before u drive... and if u want a detour later u can get off the road before changing the settings. in any case, as long as u know ur phone u can do basic stuff without looking, so it's no different then changing the radio station or changing CDs; are those things illegal in NZ?

Comment Re:True that (Score 1) 551

money is nothing more than an imagined value and what we call some pieces of paper and coin, people are convinced they can gain from these things what they instead condemn to mere daydreams by continuing to sustain and inflate their misconceived value: freedom can not be bought.

what does this say about software, if software is about money? i disagree. i think software is about innovation, however due to the faulty convention of our times money is required to support our innovation.

after all, how can something that requires so much thought and energy be 'about nothing?'

Comment Re:Capitalism means crisis (Score 1) 336

u can't claim that ALL systems of humanity fail, many have never been allowed to function to their designed purpose... perspectively u could say then that they already failed... but then u'd be an a$$hat!

many were overtaken by other brute forces that replaced them, despite their ability to function just fine... just because somebody decided to be an a$$hat.

plus since humanity is still ticking along not ALL human systems have failed or we wouldn't exist today, and you wouldn't be able to make such blatantly ridiculous remarks on slashdot!

Comment Re:Then why do Telcos "own" the networks? (Score 0, Offtopic) 200

u mean why aren't we a socialist society? because we are a capitalist one!

socialism doesn't mean Nazi, National Socialism, or Stalinist Communism; your local co-op is a perfect example of a successful use of socialist ideas. i prefer to refer to those ideas as Co-Operational, and myself as a Co-Operative, in order to avoid the misconception that socialism is bad for you: but they're the same thing non-the-less.

Comment Re:And In Other News (Score 1) 315

surely those 10$ quotes dont take into account the original cost of drilling for the oil, producing the plastic, or transporting all of each all over the world; or the time wasted while the plastic product was siting on a shelf, in a truck, or in a landfill.

i'm opting not to include the cost of cleaning up after each one of those steps.

Comment Re:This is America (Score 1) 528

Christ doesn't have the right to strip search children either... neither do cops unless they've legally detained an individual. and they are still expected to be able to justify their actions.

from what i've gathered within my years of exposure to drugs and police, even the police would call the parents before proceeding in a search for drugs on a student, just to cover their ass.

i've only ever heard of them searching lockers and bags without involving the parents.

Comment Re:This is America (Score 1) 528

in both incidents, i'd do all the same a you said above (picketing, fliers, et cetera), so long as i could keep myself from injuring the responsible parties first.

not sure i'd even bother with lawsuits though. i'd threaten, but the cost could be fairly high, and i'm fairly poor. i can however afford the restraining order necessary to keep the offending party from being able to return to the school while my child was attending. fliers, and phone calls are pretty cheap though.

oh, and even if you think a person has 'dope' on them, or anything else... only a police officer or other similar state official can search the person's person, without their consent, after arresting them. an adult is always free to waive the right to say no and allow the search of their person. however a 13 year old doesn't have that right (not in the US anyway); they either have to be under arrest, or their parent has to give permission. to a certain extent, our children are considered our property.

the offending parties in both the panty raid and strip search cases ought to be facing some sort of penalty. if it's found to have been an honest mistake by an overzealous school official i can understand them being allowed to keep their jobs; we all make mistakes. if there's even reason to believe they were intentionally taking advantage of the students, then they should obviously be fired, to say the least.

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