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Comment This is wrong. (Score 4, Insightful) 418

Companies should honor requests for people to be able to opt out of their text messaging programs. I used to work in a call center supporting a major cellular carrier and their devices. The most common problem people called about was text messages they did not want and needed help in stopping. All we could do was educate the customer on how to opt out of the text messaging spam. This was one year ago. I left and never looked back.

Comment Re:Freedom! (Score 2, Insightful) 253

I agree with you, in that freedom to do what you will with what you own should be a right.

This is why I, and many others, jailbreak my iPhone. Unix shell and root privileges? Why, thank you, iPwn!

Yes, it would be a much nicer world if Apple let us have more freedom from the start, but it's Apple's right, I guess, to do what they want with the product they make. I take it as a good gesture, though, that Apple is not actively discouraging jailbreaking. Now, unlocking, on the other hand...

I see it as the same as the content locks on the Xbox 360, or the Wii. They'll only play approved content, before you hack them open. Which I do, and love. But you never hear of people whining that the Wii won't let you run arbitrary content. Is the iPhone very much different?

Comment Good idea (Score 1, Interesting) 215

This sounds like a good idea.

A lot of the immigrants from Mexico and Somalia that have settled here (northern Colorado) could use this. We have a local clinic that is always so busy that you have to call first thing in the morning to get an appointment. I'd think that if they did offer this service, it'd be a big help.

Comment Re:A cake is in order (Score 1) 252

Wait a minute, if you're going to go back that far, I thought at that time (1996 or so) Netscape ruled and IE3 was the up-and-comer in a desperate attempt to catch up?

Netscape was supposed to be free but ended up being free only to educational/nonprofit, and many would contend that IE's being free is the primary reason it took over.

(and, I cannot resist, though it's FFox's 5-year anniversary, it's also 20-years for the Berlin Wall, and I want to announce that I danced on it that very night as a Russian linguist in the USAF!)

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