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Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 706

FaceBook is Stasi 2.0 - Stasi being the acronym for the former Eastern Geman "Staatssicherheit" // The smart thing with FaceBook is: you don't have to pressure people into telling who their friends are, who they meet, what they read, what they think, and so on. People provide the data by theselves.

Comment Re:a "before" and an "after" in the life of our so (Score 1) 668

Don't encourage the endangering of other childrens health through a known problem (measels) because a liar (many liars in fact) tricked you into blaming the vaccinations.

Make no mistake: I am on no anti vaccination crusade. I never heard of this doctor (Wakefield) prior to today. I'm a lurker here and I just droped a few words. Take it for what it is: a testimony. I am not here to convince anyone. -- My personal *feeling*, so far, is that nothing gives a kid autism (it is already in him/her, from even before birth), BUT certain things help developping autistic misbehaviors (more or less badly) and vaccines are one of them. Again, I am no scientist - what I write is just a *feeling*, fed by what I understand from doctors' explanations.

Comment Re:a "before" and an "after" in the life of our so (Score 0) 668

I don't know about that -- I'm NOT trying to prove my point or to score a point here. All I intend to do is to deliver a short testimony. I notice my initial comment was labeled as "Funny" (see: Different people have different sense of "fun".

Comment a "before" and an "after" in the life of our son (Score 5, Funny) 668

I know as a fact there was a "before" and an "after" in the life of our son -- he was an apt big baby till he was 26 monthes. Then he got this compulsory vaccination (we're French) and he was 'elsewhere' for a few days. To make it short, my son is now 8.5 years old and he's a non verbal autist.

Comment Re:Only Fair (Score 1) 335

Just because Twitter has a presence in France doesn't mean France has the ability to enforce its laws on a company that's American owned - whether those French laws are fair or not don't play a role here - it's a matter of who is ruling and who isn't -

Comment Re:I've been waiting for this... (Score 1) 335

...Twitter France (if it exists)...

It does. See: but all that is irrelevant. We're talking American interests versus other interests. Juridication and moral issues don't play a role here. It's about who can impose his views and who can't.

Comment Re:Google should charge them. (Score 1) 207

Good. Now... Google is a business. They live from selling a product. And not, the product is NOT their search engine. The product they're seeling is their audience. When you sit in front of your computer, YOU are the product, since Google is selling your presence to advertisers. One way or another: can't afford to loose Oranges customers.

Comment Re:Google refused Free, Free blocked Google ads (Score 1) 207

We're talking Google seeling ads to French corporations -- those ads appear on French websites and they are seen by French customers. Google made some 2 billions euros in France last year (that's about 2.6 billions dollars) and the controvesry is the government says Google paid 5 millions euros taxes -- that's just 0.25%. Google says they operate from Irland so they pay taxes there (in Ireland - where their offices are) on the money thay gather from their French activities. Now, you can replace 'France' with 'Germany' or with practicaly every European country.

Comment Re:Google refused Free, Free blocked Google ads (Score 1) 207

Free decided to block Google ads automatically for all its customers in retaliation.

More precisely: they installed some "adblock" filter as an opt-out service. Then they canged it and they made it an opt-in service. One way or another it's the same idea: the customers of Free (I am one of them) now decide if they want to get Google ads - or not.

Comment Re:absurd (Score 1) 207

You write that "Google should just ignore them" and you ask "What will the telecom do?" -- The ISP do not block Google, of course, they just make some of their services less available. One good example of that is Youtube. Here in France Youtube doesn't work very well with my ISP, because of the size of the pipe between Youtube and that ISP. Everybody agrees both sides should build a bigger pipe, but they disagree about who should pay for that pipe. If you're thinking as you can just ignore the French ISPs, the French market and the French as a whole if they don't play by your rules. But if you're you have to find a compromise.

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