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Comment Re: Sounds like a good deal! (Score 3, Informative) 337

Don't bother. We're full. We have a housing crisis and the cost of living in a major city is criminal.

I pay $450/wk rent for a two bedroom unit 40 mins from Sydney. Young people growing up here have no chance of owning a house because we have an influx of Asians who have moved over and bought all our property, paid for by their rich parents.

He's right. It's a trap!

Comment Pay vs. Pirate (Score 5, Informative) 437

So, they don't want people paying for their service? They would rather see people pirate the movies for free?

The entire media industry is getting more and more ridiculous by the day. Income is income, especially when it comes to the type of people they're targeting (i.e. the tech savvy). If I were a big hollywood studio licensing my works to Netflix, which I am not, I wouldn't care about stupid country restrictions. If there are people out there that want to see my works, and are willing to pay for it in this day in age, that's a great sign.

I only recently read an article about 2014 being the worst collective year for the box office in recent history. Reading the massive amount of comments following the article, the aggregate reasoning for this was insane pricing at movie theatres (including tickets and snacks), and poor quality of movies. Everything is either a remake or a "safe" formulaic film.

To put this entire comment into context, I'm from Australia where we get the raw end of every deal. We often get films months after they get released in the 'States for no reason, we pay more for music, TV and film than most of the world, we have "pay TV" (what Americans would call Cable) that have horrible bundles forcing you into 1 channel you want and 20 channels you don't.

The faster the big studios, MPAA/RIAA, and distributors realise that people always get what they want, and they just need to re-arrange their outdated models so they can get a slice of the pie, the better. I don't see that happening soon though.

Comment Re:OK let's get something straight here - (Score 2, Informative) 211

"If you're tagged in a photo, you can exercise your privacy controls over it."

I take exception to this. Why should I ever have to interact with Facebook in the first place? It is entirely possible to tag someone's name into a photo that does not have a Facebook account.

My heart is warmed by the fact that kids are now moving away from Facebook and going back to private messaging like iMessage, Whatsapp, etc., to get away from compromising situations.

Comment Re:Sooo.... (Score 2) 603

Lest we forget that all firearms legislation has its roots in oppressing minorities. The problem is that the oppression has become democratized. Listen to the lyrics of rap groups like Public Enemy. 20 years ago they were speaking to a very specific audience; now their words have more universal appeal.

Comment Re:Isn't this what the Taiwanese believe as well? (Score 3) 262

"My wife was born in Taiwan. She and anyone in her family gets extremely angry if you refer to them as "Chinese," despite being ethnically Chinese, speaking Mandarin, etc."

My dad's wife is from Taiwan and is exactly the opposite. Although I never asked what she thought about Taiwan being a part of China.

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