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Comment Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 776

In California, the police can only arrest the "dominant" (physically stronger) partner, regardless of who was the initiator or the aggressor. So a woman can attack her husband, and he goes to jail.

This is not true for California as a whole. It may be a local policy in your county, but I am dubious. In Santa Clara County, police must make an arrest where there is evidence of felony, but that does not mean that they will arrest the stronger partner. The officer will arrest the perpetrator of the felony. (Pg13 of SCC Domestic Violence Protocol)

My anecdote is an incident where a 6'2", 200lbs husband was cut by his 5'4", 130lbs wife. Officers arrived on the scene and arrested the wife, even to the objection of the husband. The blood on the husband's head was evidence of a felony. They were obligated to make an arrest. They arrested the non-dominant partner.

Comment Re:money? (Score 3, Interesting) 810

Cost of Unleaded Regular gasoline in 2003 was avg. $1.50 (, and is $3.60 in 2013. We can likely expect similar rises in price over the next 10 years.

You might want to run your cost calculations with a higher value on the price of gas to see a more accurate picture.

Comment I have this monitor. (Score 1) 559

I have the Seiki 50" version of their 4K monitor. The 39 inch version shares the same limitations and benefits.

The quality of the picture produced by the monitor is all that I can ask for. Having 4K of usable desktop space at home makes me hate my tiny little 1440's at work. The best part of having 2160 vertical space is the sheer amount of code that I can see in each IDE. For some reason, tilting a normal monitor to stand in portrait mode bugs me. Too little horizontal space engenders its own type of claustrophobia, I guess.

The only problem with the monitor is the poor refresh rate at 4K resolutions. I can tease 120Hz at 1080p, so its great for gaming, but at 4K I am limited to 30Hz. The 30Hz refresh rate will either result in signifigant input delay, with desktop vsync enabled, or, with vsync disabled, will result in lots of tearing every time you update a large portion of the screen (scroll the screen or move a window, etc). I can't recommend the 30Hz versions of 4K monitors, unless you know what it's like.

I'd recommend that you turn your current display into a 30Hz display for a few days, see if you can stomach it, before buying a Seiki.

Comment Re:50" 4k costs 1/4 the price of the 32" (Score 1) 286

I'm using one of the 50" seikis right now. 30Hz is a little annoying (there is a slight flicker at the edge of my vision), but it is perfectly acceptable compromise in exchange for the sheer amount of desktop space I'm granted. The vertical resolution is key. 2100 pixels down without the annoyance of bezels? Yes, please.

This panel is capable of 120hz. There is a good business opportunity for anyone skilled in FPGA programming. Make a board capable of accepting multiple hdmi or displayport inputs to combine for 4k @ 60hz. Since the only competition to this set is currently 4x's the price, there is a lot of room for extra costs. Even adding several hundred dollars to the set will make it cost-competitive. Its times like this that I wish I had studied more electrical engineering rather than pure math..

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