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Comment Re:I don't think so, no.. (Score 1) 232

Mathematicians do not need a wiki to share research. That's why we have journals and conferences. Mathematicians who want to pool their research find people to work with, and those who don't, don't. But, not only will it take insight and a sharp mind, but also years and years of training. It takes several years to even learn the language and subtleties of the mathematics behind any one of the seven problems. People have been working on these seven problems for quite a long time, and there is a history of progress behind each one. One shouldn't even start trying to solve any of the problems until its history is well understood. Anyone who has been through a graduate program in mathematics will understand this. The only useful public purpose a wiki like this could serve is to collect journal references for the historical progress behind each of the problems. Other than that, this wiki won't be worth its bandwidth.

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