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Comment Re:Lots of usable tech hitting the dumpster.... (Score 1) 157

I second this-- I have a computer that I built back in late 01-02 that's 2.26 GHz that's chugging right along. Does just about any kind of processing a business or home would need and since I didn't skimp on the graphics card it even handles Compiz with ease. Nice case on it, running Ubuntu, and people think it's almost brand-new instead of ancient. Granted, I have had more computers since then but the point remains that old hardware isn't necessarily junk.

Comment Re:Fatal flaw: No BIOS reset (Score 1) 396

This won't be necessarily be a problem with me as I just bought a new Asus motherboard that has a backup BIOS! I don't know if this is a shameless plug or not as I don't work for Asus but the board is an ASUS M3A78 Pro... now that I look online(I don't have the manual with me) I don't see the feature but I'm 99% sure I saw it. Call it 100% but I don't have the manual. I did think it was relevant to the article so I figured I'd mention it.

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