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Comment I don't normally swear online (Score 3, Insightful) 393

But why in the FUCK are companies being granted effective monopolies on generic drugs?!?!

Nice to know our 'representatives' don't feel the need to hide it anymore. They've been in bed with the drug companies for a long time. But seriously, this takes it to the level of Muppets-style puppetry. No one believe that Kermit is a real frog; we all know that he's got an arm buried up his backside. Do you think Congress gets a bulk discount on shoulder length calving gloves and jugs of lube?

Comment Re:The name says it all... (Score 2) 162

It's not mispronounced; the first screenshot in this article shows that the menu item (third from the left) is in fact spelled "manbang" and pronounced (using X-SAMPA) as /man.baN/, equivalent to how a conservative English accent would say "man bang" (with open front unrounded A) Here's the Wikipedia article on Korean phonology if you want to analyse it yourself.

...Is it possible you're salty because someone forgot to invite you to participate in Manbang?

Comment Re:It's not sabotage (Score 4, Informative) 86

Were it that I had mod points! I think the title tells us more about the Ars writer than it does about anything else; your interpretation is much more consistent with the actual study's tone:

Abstract: Most theories of motivation have highlighted that human behavior is guided by the hedonic principle, according to which our choices of daily activities aim to minimize negative affect and maximize positive affect. However, it is not clear how to reconcile this idea with the fact that people routinely engage in unpleasant yet necessary activities. To address this issue, we monitored in real time the activities and moods of over 28,000 people across an average of 27 d using a multiplatform smartphone application. We found that people’s choices of activities followed a hedonic flexibility principle. Specifically, people were more likely to engage in mood-increasing activities (e.g., play sports) when they felt bad, and to engage in useful but mood-decreasing activities (e.g., housework) when they felt good. These findings clarify how hedonic considerations shape human behavior. They may explain how humans overcome the allure of short-term gains in happiness to maximize long-term welfare.

Comment Nimbler companies won't reverse customer experienc (Score 1) 100

Every piece of HP kit we've had has been a lemon. We have a 100% failure rate within 5 years on whole classes of desktop machines that we've bought from them, and the servers I have of theirs (that are still around) are a constant headache to get a management session going to their ILO. Unless they're going to give me a batch of equipment FOR FREE to let me use for a year and see that it no longer sucks, my budget will be spent somewhere else. Forever.

Comment Re: UBlock = inferior + inefficient vs. hosts (Score 1) 195

You shut your mouth! APK is a national treasure. Like the World's Largest Ball of Yarn, or Donald Trump's toupee. Anyone who can envision a Slashdot without his enlightened and charming meditations is a dirty, dirty heliocentrist.


More soberly, I honestly think he has schizophrenia. His writing and formatting is consistent with that exhibited in TimeCube and bears some resemblance to that of Francis E. Dec, Esq.

Comment Dear god no (Score 5, Informative) 331

I don't want a movie theater to be a social experience. Consider:
* The rotten parents who bring their too-young children to adult films.
* That ridiculous moron in the row behind you who can't get off their cell phone for 5 minutes.
* The 10-year old who won't stop kicking your chair.
* The guffawing dimwit who laughs like a throat-cancer riddled donkey and does so incessantly.
* Paying $12 bucks for crappy popcorn covered in artificially flavored cottonseed oil.
* The gang-bangers who decided that the parking lot is a hugely entertaining place to spend some time ... people-watching (and yelling).

I've not been to a theater film in 8 years and I've no plans on changing that.

Comment Re:Define "Greater Good" (Score 5, Insightful) 202

Indeed. I'd also like to hear how Mr. Chen proposes to follow his vision of the greater good, where he has access to everyone's data and will hand it over for any trumped-up warrant, without a backdoor in his soon-to-be-extinct Blackberry's.

Or is he going to do the politician thing and define "backdoor" to mean something conveniently different than what Blackberry has.

Submission + - More TSA Security Theater - Slamming the Face of a Disabled Cancer Patient ( 1

Kobun writes: From the Guardian: "A disabled teenage cancer patient was injured during a violent arrest by security agents at Memphis international airport, her family has alleged in a lawsuit filed against the Transport Security Administration." A disabled and confused brain cancer survivor doesn't immediately comply with TSA officers, earning her face a violent meeting with the ground and a night in jail. The TSA has yet to provide a non-answer or statement.

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