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Comment Re:Not New (Score 1) 342

It's funny how some crappy unknown company and crappy software makes it onto the internet with such buzz, while other quality products just keep going on with their business even though they've been doing it for a much longer time --- with much a much more quality product.

That's simple, the company that have a high quality product of this kind knows that it's better to just market themselves directly to company managements and keep themselves out of the eye of employees.

A spy program(so to speak) works better if the ones being spied on don't know about it, since they can't figure out counter measures against something they aren't aware of.

Comment How about the right thing..? (Score 1) 501

You pay a price that equals an amount of money that you are allowed to spend anyway you want.. Be that voice, texts or data.

Like almost all carriers here in Sweden do.

Tiered plans, and the price you pay, is the money you get to use.
Anything above that price, you pay metered.

Paying 20$ a month and used 25$? then you get those last 5$ separate on your bill.

It really is that simple, instead of all this crazy talk you guys spout about plans consisting of voice minutes and texts and data..

But then again.. I would never ever get myself a subscription.. I'm happy with my prepaid card, I have complete control over how much I wish to spend each month.

Lemme give you some examples.
The unlimited plan for one company: 100$ (and they've recently raised the cost from ~85$, to make it an actual unlimited plan, instead of just being a price roof of ~855$, since the use of smart phones is rising)
the cheapest one: ~14$

Now, if you were to buy an Iphone through this company, then you'd pay a minimum of ~42$, but instead you'd -always- get unlimited data, so that money only goes towards voice and texts.

PS. No they have no problems what so ever with over congested networks.
And I know this from the fact that I'm working for them.

Comment Re:Motorcycles and/or horses.... (Score 1) 1354

It certainly is true that girls know from miles away if you're taken or not, and if you're taken, then they want you.
I think it has something to do with forbidden fruit, 'since you can't have it, you want it more then ever'. -shrugs-

So, a good experiment, would be to try to fake being spoken for, since then they'll come flocking wanting you.

Comment Re:it will only hurt the cause... (Score 1) 178

>I am actually quite doubtful this one normally would either, and am leaning towards the possibility that whoever that approved the change don't have much sympathy for Pirate Ponten
>and therefore could not resist approving the change.

Actually, considering other names that have been approved, such as Fantomen(swedish version of The Phantom), then it is very likely that it is Ok for this to go through without a hitch.
Kalle Anka(swedish version of Donald Duck) also have been approved.

Comment Re:browser-based (Score 1) 76

That's exactly what I read too.
And it's also what I do right now, keeping myself from being productive by playing.

hmm.. indistinguishable from an excel spreadsheet.. that would be an easy way to 'avoid prying eyes'(Boss).

-is eaten by a Grue-

Comment Re:Did His Contract Specify "Internal Waters"? (Score 1) 410

I can tell you, from a working experience, that it's not just call centers that do that.
The ones employed by the company directly, do almost more fucked up things then the ones employed by call centers.
At least here in Sweden.
In regard to the article:
Sounds like the boat crew(or who now it was that operated the boat connection) is at fault.
But, AT&T shouldn't really have any obligation to alter the bill, but the boat company should have paid it in full instead.

Or, at least that's how I think it should be. I'm not from the US, and I'm actually very happy about that ^_^
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Released (

Rowas writes: GameSpy has posted a review of the content update for Fallout 3 dubbed Operation Anchorage.
Operation Anchorage takes place in Fallout history, before the bombs would drop and turn the planet into the broken, shattered shell of its former self. The Chinese have invaded Alaska, and it's up to you, in this training simulation, to take out key emplacements and lead the charge that would eventually result in the liberation of Anchorage from those blasted commies.


Wii Check-Up Channel 38

Cemu writes with news that Nintendo is teaming up with Panasonic, NEC, and Hitachi to work on the Wii Fit Body Check Channel, which will use data from the Wii Fit to provide users with health advice. Quoting: "Since last December, NEC and NEC mobile began a cell phone version of the 'Wii Fit Body Check Channel.' Starting this April, the NEC Group (NEC and NEC Mobile) will launch a hosted Wii Fit Channel aimed at employees and their families. The company hopes to offer this service outside NEC in the future. ... Also this April, Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Body Check Channel will be introduced by Panasonic Medical Solutions to health care workers with its Plissimo Sigusa health care plan. What's more, Panasonic Medical Solutions is offering the program to the country's health insurance union."

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