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Comment I want a video randomizer! (Score 1) 421

The app (or plugin) I want will pick a random 1-5 minute sections out of a collection of videos. This would be great for LAN parties or Weddings. Currently there is nothing that can do this short of breaking the video into chunks yourself then randomizing them with VLC.

Comment Re:amazing (Score 5, Interesting) 227

Coding isn't just about writing amazingly optimized code, or running as close to the metal as you can get; or heck, it isn't even about not crashing. The whole reason for Java and the other high level languages is so that less analytical geniuses and more artists/thinkers can get into programing. Notch is a perfect example of a regular guy, who isn't really the greatest coder or artist, but never-the-less, still managed to outdo every single 100+ team dev house. Why? 1. the balls to buck absolutely every convention. 2. the presence of high level abstracted languages and libraries for him to build on. 3. the willingness to borrow from what comes before (Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress, Gary's Mod) 4. pure damn luck. Notch is a phenomenon, not simply because minecraft is an amazing game, but because we love a rags-to-riches storyline :)

Comment Re:Google does the same (Score 1) 338

I'll take government bias over corporate bias any day of the week. I'm pretty sure what the government is trying to sell me. Untangling the various interests of the corporate media would be too much like work :) That's not even taking the constant commercial interruption into account. I'll bet I receive nearly double the content over a similar time period when I'm catching up on the BBC over NPR in the mornings.

Submission + - Kinect: Glasses Free 3d Today, Manipulable Hologra (

Rowan_u writes: Some of us are probably aware of Jonny Lees hardhacked Wiimote, providing head track 3d on a budget. For anyone thats not familiar with it, the tech works by taking advantage of humans other (besides stereo vision) great 3d sensing technique, parallax. Head track 3d works by updating the parallax of objects in a rendered scene based on the motion of the viewer. This creates a very convincing 3d effect. Microsoft's Kinect should be easily capable of creating this effect.

Comment tunneling? (Score 1) 390

Couldn't a self-respecting nerd simply bypass the paid priority by tunneling into a non-double-dipped protocol? (ping tunnel comes to mind). If mole-bashing becomes an issue, simply tunnel through a protocol they cannot mess with, like http. Tunneling may be in a nerd only realm now, but it could easily become as ubiquitous as (insert kid friendly p2p app) here.

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