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Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 5, Insightful) 489

This isn't specific to iOS, but there's this 'modern UX' Philosophy that functions should be completely hidden until needed, which does seem to develop from a 'mobile first' attitude. One example: I've been baffled on how to delete entries from a list, because there's no edit mode for the list, and even if there is, still no 'affordance' to suggest this is what you click to delete. Why? Because 'delete' is obviously a swipe left or right (depending on the app). Then and only then do you get to see a nice big red 'DELETE' box. The user should just 'know'. Similar to how Windows 8 introduced those awful 'hot corners' that made charm controls spring up if you left your mouse (or touch) there. But of course this isn't universal. The iOS Podcasts app uses an edit mode for lists and check boxes that look like radio buttons (another minor gripe) to indicate which items in a list should be deleted.

A couple decades ago there seemed to be a much more rational UX philosophy where controls were obviously controls, text was obviously text, window frames and borders were -good- things because they help the user's mental model of the UI match the software, and on-screen affordances were designed to give the user a clue as to what does what. We've gone backwards.

Comment Re:No Spacewalks? (Score 1) 49

The Starliner may not have any external systems that an astronaut could repair. And if the destination of the Starliner is always the ISS, the astronauts there can do EVAs while the vehicle is docked / nearby. There's probably no compelling reason for every taxi flight to the ISS to have its own EVA capability.

Comment Re:People agree that Windows 10 has better tech (Score 2) 503

I don't have a strong preference of 7 vs 10's user interface, but I do still miss the old Start Menu, however the search does a decent job letting me find the things I would have been searching for there. On the other hand, I have just recently run into one of those situations where you want to configure something in the OS, and -some- of the relevant settings are in Settings, and -others- are still in the classic Control Panel. That is definitely a mess that still needs to be cleaned up.

Comment Nope. (Score 1) 191

I can't think of a single case where I use both a website and mobile app, and the mobile app isn't hamstrung, limited and just basically more unpleasant to use than the web site. Yelp, Facebook and are the ones I use most often. In every case the experience is better on the desktop. The meetup app recently got a major revamp that made it much less functional than the web site, and especially annoying.

Comment I use it and appreciate the developer's approach. (Score 4, Insightful) 75

I am not a security expert and can't tell you whether Veracrypt is 100% secure, but I've been using it and I'm reasonably convinced that at least nobody short of a 'state actor' is likely to get at my data, and they're not the people I'm securing data from. It's the petty thieves who might steal my backup drives, or somebody who finds a USB stick I accidentally drop on the ground, that I'm protecting myself from.

I've been to the support forums for Veracrypt and my impression is the developer is trying hard to be transparent and responsive and make the product as secure as possible.

Comment Re:Just don't buy HP (Score 2) 250

I realize it's a pain, but print something once a week whether you need it or not. I print some coupons from a local discount store. One sheet a week will keep things working. And I only have black ink in my printer (miraculously it complains that the cartridges need alignment but it prints anyway).

Comment Gene's favorite actress (Score 1) 145

I basically grew up in the time just after TOS aired (I was only 3 in 1967 so I wasn't watching then, and I barely remember the series being on first run TV at all). However, I do remember a number of TV pilots that Roddenberry created after Star Trek, that unfortunately were never picked up by the networks as regular series. I'm talking about made-for-TV-movies like Genesis II, Strange New World and Planet Earth (which were all attempts to boot up a series set in the same post apocalyptic future), as well as The Questor Tapes, and Spectre (a really weird supernatural series I didn't know about until recently). It's interesting to look at those shows now and see the familiar face of Majel Barrett in nearly all of them. She also had a small role in the movie Westworld, one of my favorite SF films of the 70s.

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