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Comment Newsflash! Uber news of the week. (Score 4, Funny) 136

As many media outlets are commited somehow to spread the word about one but ONLY ONE of the many apps that promote illegal semipublic transport operating on no insurance or permits whatsoever. We bring this astonishing news about a city that tried to keep this illegal operation controlled and how a CEO complains about the big money involved and how they would love to have the government under their control.

Comment I'm really anxious about tomorrow's UBER story... (Score 2) 204

Uber Helps reducing child abuse in Vatican City?
Uber Lowers corruption in third world countries?
Uber Helps greek economy?
Uber reduces unemployment figures in Detroit metro area?
Uber linked to lower cancer rates in mice?
Uber helps opressed woman in middle east?
HOLD ON! That was last week!

So help me out on this one, let's predict TOMORROW'S UBER HEADLINE IN SLASHDOT!

I'm sure an unlicenced cab service/mafia, can use it's illegal revenue to get the best PR and legal services around, but we all can give a hand to slashdot to keep those headlines coming!

Comment Re:Testing and config verification (Score 2) 405

Owwww CMON!

"3) I've checked every blacklist using sites like mentioned above. My IP does not exist on a single one."

REALLY??? Senderbase it's just a basic check, if your are talking about the email you use on your slashdot profile:


"IP Address is listed in the CBL. It appears to be infected with a spam sending trojan, proxy or some other form of botnet.
It was last detected at 2014-11-05 04:00 GMT (+/- 30 minutes), approximately 9 days, 30 minutes ago."

Now you owe me a beer.

Comment Re:Testing and config verification (Score 2) 405

I bet the answer for 1) and 2) is NO

3) is what maybe prompted to get SPF

4) inevitable but won't force a block on your IP unless it's 1000's of mails daily

5) you have to protect yourself against password guessing and installing outbound antispam/antivirus for your own mails. it's 2014 ffs.

6) probably it's a NO, or MAYBE for a self signed certificate.

Yikes, we could fix the submiter's server for a fee.

Comment Re:Consumer IP ranges (Score 1) 405

does comcast business let you control/change/update your reverse DNS for your fixed IPs?

I've been running servers in south america for 15 years. Local network blocks have been pretty abused by spammers. I know there are professional spammers close to my ips (same subnet plus 1 or 2) and never had my server denied by yahoo, gmail or hotmail.

What's our secret then?

DKIM, DMARC, SPF, good reputation, reverse DNS matching our server name, SSL for outbound smtp, antispam and antivirus for outbound mail.
For those 3 big guys and some others we use outgoing mail delay and receiver throttling (we don't want to send 100 RCPs to yahoo servers and get nailed)

We even had some mail accounts/client computers hacked and used by spambots. We reacted, solved the problem promptly, and still we are not getting rejects.

But if some mail from "mail.legitLLC.com" comes to my smtp port asking to send a mail, and it's IP turns out to reverse-dns to "bussiness-comcast-blabla.net" i will flag your mail as spam.

Ask slashdot is turning into a basic support forum....

Comment Consumer IP ranges (Score 1) 405

When your server is running on a comcast owned ip block, and the block is used to assign dynamic ips, then your IP is -to everybody else in the internet- dynamic. Even if comcast is giving those dynamic ips statically to you.

Those 3 big name companies and almost every sysadmin who is tired of spam has been blocking dynamic ip ranges for years.

You don't need slashdot for this, you can figure out the problem and the solution just searching google in 5 minutes: rent a dedicated server

Comment Too bad drones can't reveal government corruption (Score 5, Informative) 208

That's a drone i would love to see flying.

In Argentina we have drones watching general population private property for tax declarations.

We got camera domes on most corners, but nobody is monitoring them, and certainly not even police cars to dispatch to those locations.

We got a vice president who evaded taxes, declare nonexistant addresses, but nobody cares.

We had a commerce secretary -a real character, funny guy- he intimidated people -mafia like-, got taped and nothing happened.

We got a gunpoint robber, got caught on GoPro by the victim, he's not in jail, he's on the TV, he's a rockstar now.

We got some official car (senator) drivers that got caught trafficking cocaine....rofl, nothing happened.

We even got a NGO for human rights with more than 5000 bouncing checks, but it's not so NGO since it's heavly sponsored by the government, and those bouncing checks - for some reason - never got into the credit rating system (magic!)

We got a spike on meth precursors for 2 or 3 years, (10x efedrin imports from 6 tons to 60 tons) and the permits for that trace back to phone lines to the presidential building! yay! way to go Argentina, nothing happened besides 3 witnesses got killed -executed- and...yay! nothing happened!

We got no radars guarding our borders, the only smuggling small planes we know about, are those that crash land from time to time.

So, there's nothing new in a drone/plane/satellite catching tax evasion. I want the corruption spotting drone. That would make "news for nerds" or "stuff that matters".

Comment Basically it's what a security agency should do (Score -1) 241

I endorse privacy, but i have to recognize that this practices are the most probable cause of why we have not seen more 9/11's in the last 10 years. I gladly pay the price. Of course one could think that there's more elegant ways to achieve the same, but when this started, elegance was not a choice.
I believe the practices will change over time and under public pressure, achieving the same goals without having to analyze every single communication around, besides the privacy concern, is really not that efficient...

Comment Hype Hugger (Score 2) 409

Who on earth is this guy Curtis Peterson? Server Huggers? What about Hype Huggers?

Curtis, don't be a Hype Hugger, don't get trapped in yesterday's hype, you could end up unemployed tomorrow when "the clud" turns into vapour.

Comment Nothing new here - RAM/DISK scans are part of AC (Score 1) 511

Anticheat software have been scanning memory forever.and when if scans memory it's obviously comparing data to a pattern to decide if tha'ts a cheat or not.

Not sure what's the difference between you mail account lying open on the background holding all your personal communications beeing scanned by punkbuster or vac, or the dns cache beeing scanned too.

Code caves, hooking, etc. I'm not sure if anticheat software can't beat online game cheaters.

Comment Metadata (Score 4, Insightful) 256

Depends on how you define metadata. Nowadays the line between privacy, metadata and your last name, habits, shopping, etc seems to be a single "SELECT" line involving one or two tables.

The information is obviously a valuable law enforcement tool. Just like phone records, like wiretapping (under a judge auth.).
At least my perception, way before snowden and all the latest leaks, was that this was actually happening. This is just a confirmation.

Would be great if, as in wiretapping, this would be supervised by justice, and used only in criminal investigations. Sound naive ...i know

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