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Comment People are waiting for the 3DSLite (Score 1) 425

I think they've shot themselves in the foot. The poor battery life and high price lead one to consider just waiting for the inevitable 3DSLite. Why be an early adopter when you know from Nintendo's track record that there will be a better version coming in the next year or so? That and the small launch lineup wasn't very compelling.

Comment Re:Fashion (Score 1) 368

I majored in electrical engineering with an emphasis on software. I didn't take any traditional CS classes other than a data structures class. However, we were taught all manner of practical things -- worked up from ASM to C++/Java. Saw bits flip on an o-scope. Took a class in x86 computer architecture. I taught myself best practices from well-regarded books. I'm 28 and I can say that in my position, in Central IL, embedded has been very VERY good to me. It's all people want around here and it's difficult to find decent candidates for all the open positions.

Comment iPhone 3G Owners Screwed? (Score 2) 257

So what happens if you bought a 3G last May (before they were discontinued) and your phone gets hacked? What will they do if you take it to the Apple store? It's still under warranty until at least this May. It's one thing not to support new features on older phones but leaving a phone still under warranty vulnerable is inexcusable!

Comment Re:Nonsensical... (Score 1) 826

You sir, hit the nail on the head. I completely agree that the only way to change things is to get involved. If he was concerned about outsourcing jobs, he could have made a business case either showing that outsourcing was only hurting the company or that some of the money saved could go toward retraining or helping those affected find new jobs. Not that those are likely scenarios, but as you said, without taking the chance, it definitely won't happen.

Comment Re:Early DRAM (Score 2) 125

Unfortunately, my guess is simply increasing the refresh time is only going to solve one problem. I'm not an expert on DRAM or anything but it seems to behave like a capacitor. Longer refresh times require larger capacitance. Large capacitance doesn't necessarily mean more power, but I think it would take more voltage to change the state of a bit (you'd have to reverse a larger charge).

Also, the biggest problem with DRAM these days is speed (reads/writes per second). The best way to increase speed (without also increasing voltage, and thus power) is to decrease capacitance since discharging a smaller charge is faster -- not to mention it would generate less heat, which leads to higher density and higher speeds, which is what the DRAM market is really after.

Comment Re:First handheld to be fully region locked (Score 3, Insightful) 120

Are you serious? This is the FIRST Nintendo system to be fully region locked. Not exactly "evidence for some time". Also let's not forget it was Sony that pulled the plug on PS3 Linux. They're the only company to ever REMOVE an official feature from a functioning console. I read an article on 1-Up I think that mentioned the price point on the 3DS will be higher because the price point on the Wii really should have been higher. They priced the Wii so low that it was hard to find for over a YEAR. My guess is since there's really no competition in the portable 3D hand-held market that they're going to fish for a higher price and see who bites. That beats seeing third parties on eBay enjoying what would otherwise be Nintendo's profits. As you suggested, it's likely it'll be cheaper by Christmas and then everyone else can get one.

Comment Re:Amazon wants their cake and eat it too... (Score 1) 504

You'd be surprised. With vacations, overtime and the union all involved, it can get to be a real mess. The overtime especially as if it's not doled out exactly evenly/correctly, the whole schedule can be affected. Also, they simply have to hire one person for every 5 due to the 6-day schedule who works all the others' off days. They can cut a LOT of cost by eliminating this position altogether.

Comment Re:Amazon wants their cake and eat it too... (Score 1) 504

While they don't have to pay the staff anymore on Saturday than the rest of the week, there's sizable overhead in managing 5-day work weeks when mail is delivered 6-days a week. By going to a 5-day delivery schedule, they can save on all of the overhead and assign one carrier to one route all week. This makes things easier and more efficient all around.

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