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Submission + - The Dawning of Internet Censorship in Germany ( 2

tmk writes: "Germany is on the verge of censoring its Internet. On Thursday the German parliament Bundestag will adopt a law to block Internet sites in order to fight child pornography. In the last months the German net community tried to stop the new law, spreaded the word from Twitter to the mainstream media that the new law won't help against child abuse. The netizens started the biggest parlamentary petition in Germany which was supported by 130000 citizens and fought with wikis and internet memes against the established political structures. Activists even helped to remove over 60 websites containing child pornography in 12 hours — proving that internet blocking is an ineffective method to fight child pornography. But the net community didn't succeed at last. The German Federal Police will soon begin to distribute a blacklist to German providers."

Comment Re:Are there more than 20 apps for it? (Score 1) 384

but the amount of apps for it makes it the killer device

A Nintendo DSi Killer, maybe. Most stuff on the Appstore is games, and more games. The iPhone is becoming the mobile gaming device of choice right now. As for tech-savvy users who see the possibilities in the mobile internet, the iPhone is becoming less interesting, because it is locked down that much. I expect the next innovations in how we use the mobile internet to happen on Android devices.


Submission + - Why it might be a good idea to catch swine-flu (

NewtonsLaw writes: "The current strain of swine-flu that appears ready to sweep the globe is putting many people in a panic — but I'm suggesting that it might be a really good idea to find someone who has the flu, shake their hand then suck your fingers.


Well it seems that doing so could provide you with a degree of immunity against what might be a far more dangerous mutant strain of the same virus later on.

Even the CDC agree that an encounter with one variant of a flu virus can provide a measure of immunity against later closely-related variants for a period of up to a year or more — so maybe now is the time to get infected, before a deadly related strain appears.

I blogged about this today.

Might self-immunization be a good way to dodge the bullet of what may turn into a lethal pandemic once the virus mutates a little further?"

Comment Re:Inc. China (Score 1, Interesting) 235

But look at what ended up on our blacklist here in Australia (it's also on wikileaks). It too was set up to counter the scourge of child porn.

But we ended up with blocked sites containing euthanasia abortion malware online gambling

It's not much of a stretch to see other politically sensitive topics being blocked.

But we ended up with blocked sites containing euthanasia abortion malware online gambling

You forgot gay porn. You had gay porn on that list. Someone you elected a ruler really hates gays.
BTW, we Germans won't get gambling blocked. The brother of the politician that has started this madness is BIG in the online gambling industry. But as we already put our national wikileaker behind bars, you can easily imagine what they will do with that list.

Comment Port Forwarding part of development toolbox (Score 1) 361

Hey, what about that app that provides a http proxy on the phone so you can forward your http traffic to the phone via adb and an USB connection? It's what I use if I can get no wifi conn.
Yes, I know it's not REAL tethering, has no WiFi, and is considerably awkward to use, but it does what most people actually need from a tethered phone.
It's not even on the market. I believe Google just did this to make T-Mobile stop whining about how their classic revenue streams dry up. Poor end users.
The Internet

The Men Who Fix the Internet 162

An anonymous reader writes "Remember all those undersea cables breaking? introduces John Rennie, who '... has braved the towering waves of the North Atlantic Ocean to keep your e-mail coming to you. As chief submersible engineer aboard the Wave Sentinel, part of the fleet operated by UK-based undersea installation and maintenance firm Global Marine Systems, Rennie — a congenial, 6'4", 57-year-old Scotsman — patrols the seas, dispatching a remotely operated submarine deep below the surface to repair undersea cables.' The article goes on to outline the physical infrastructure of the Internet, including some of its points of vulnerability."

Comment Re:Chinese puns (Score 1) 272

Guten tag, haben sie ein Berliner?

Akkusativ. Mind your grammar. Mind your spelling, too.
"Guten Tag, haben sie einen Berliner?"

What's more, You would simply not say this when shopping for a jelly donut. This is gramatically correct, but would flag you as a nonnative speaker.
You are not interested how many jelly donuts are on stock. So, you just generically ask whether they currently offer those:
"Guten Tag, haben sie Berliner?"
EXCEPT (and now it gets mad) if you are in Berlin. Jelly Donuts are called Berliner, but not in Berlin. There, you would have to ask:
"Guten Tag, haben sie Pfannkuchen?"

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