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Comment Re:The Answer summed up: (Score 1) 304

Well, you can look at existence as being domain-specific, so that different local systems don't exist with respect to each other... but this is just jargonisation. And, besides, that way lies a weird kind of solipsism.

As to the structural requirements of the MWI, well, I'd favour a Kolgmorogov complexity approach -- something is only as complex as the simplest way it can be described/produced. I don't think the universe becomes any more existentially burdensome just because it's bigger, or because its nature is best expressed as a small, incidental, corner of something larger and simpler. Size is not everything.

And as to numbers, in a kind of Platonistic way, I'd say they do exist. Everything is Ideal and everything is a shadow. There's no true base level of reality, just ways of getting from one place to another.

Comment Re:The Answer summed up: (Score 2) 304

What makes more sense: that 4712784365435.36354231641801...32132132 is the only number that *really* exists, or that it exists as part of the Real numbers - a bigger, more inclusive but definitely much simpler entity?

Anything complex looks unlikely, arbitrary and absurd just by itself. Some people think the MWI is unjustified because it requires all these extra universes, but to me you still only have the one universe; it's just bigger, simpler, and makes much more sense.

With reality, I suspect the same principle applies. Everything that can exist does so, as it has no reason not to. Nothing makes sense without everything else, and any single thing *implies* everything else.

Does that make us here by chance, or by necessity? Both, I'd say. We are a roll of the dice that had to happen somewhere.

Comment Re:No matter what the outcome actually is.... (Score 1) 1184

So: in the other guy's office, people who have had personal experience of iPhones have decided they want Androids instead; in your office, management have decided to replace Blackberrys with iPhones. This is a kind of apples and oranges thing here, you know?

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