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Submission + - Nintendo Reveal 3DS XL With 90% Bigger Screen (

YokimaSun writes: Nintendo have took the wraps of their larger model of the 3DS,the new 3DS XLhas a top screen which is 90% larger than the original 3DS. It also features a larger bottom screen, comes with a 4GB Memory card instead of the 2GB at present and longer battery life. The 3DS XL will be released in Europe in July and USA in August and at launch will come in 3 colours, namely Silver, Red and Blue. Sadly Nintendo have not included a second circle pad and in Europe they arent shipping an ac adapter with the console but in the USA they are. The price for the 3DS XL is confirmed at £179.99 in the UK.

Submission + - Android Tablet Running Ice Cream Sandwich for Less than £100 (

YokimaSun writes: Today Android News has posted details of the first10inch Android Tablet running v4.0 of the Android OSin the UK for less than £100. With a Vimicro 1.2GHz Frequency processor , 4G NandFlash HDD , 1GB DDR3 RAM & 2D/3D Graphics Hardware Acceleration, it also has an HDMI port and supports flash very fluently, it may not be a genuine rival for theiPadbut beats the iPad in at least one area and at a quarter of the price of aniPad 2 would you consider it?

Submission + - Apple store refuses to sell iPad to Iranian-American woman ( 2

pdclarry writes: An Iranian-American teenager was told by an Apple store employee that they could not sell her an iPad because it would violate US trade restrictions. She returned to the store with a camera crew from a local TV station and was again turned down.

Apparently an Apple employee heard her speaking Farsi. As he was also of Iranian extraction he recognized the language and used this as a basis for refusal.


Submission + - Witness Ridicules Hands-On Reviews Of Surface

Freshly Exhumed writes: Danny Sullivan over at Marketing Land has been tipped over the edge by various colleagues: 'After seeing yet another “hands-on” review of the Microsoft Surface tablet, I thought it would be interesting to shed more light on what exactly the journalists who assembled in Hollywood this week for the Surface launch event actually got to do with the tablets. In short, not a lot. Come along as I explain the hands-off reality of what I saw.' In response to Sullivan's criticisms, TechRadar contributor Mary To Many rebuts that merely touching something that does not operate nor even truly exist equates to an actual hands-on review. So, what do Slashdotters expect a "hands-on" review to reveal and/or include?

Submission + - Teaching Natural Sciences to Social Science Students?

An anonymous reader writes: As a calculus professor for a small undergraduate institution, I normally lecture students who are majoring in the natural (or "hard") sciences, such as mathematics, physics, and computer science. In fact, I have done so for almost thirteen years. However, for the first time this fall semester, we have a shortage of professors on our hands. As a result of this, I have been asked to teach a general education statistics class. Such classes are a major requirement for the large psychology student body we have here. I have never lectured social science students in any mathematics-related classes. My question to the Slashdot community is as follows: What are your experiences with teaching natural science classes to social science students? How is the experience the same or different in comparison to natural science students who may be more adept to the nuances of mathematics and other similar fields?

Comment Re:Forgive us the gloating (Score 1) 1040

What reality are you from? Earth 616? The Danish right wing government is stupidly holding back on any needed repairs and has for years, which is why the old - and damaged - sewer system has gotten repeatedly overloaded during the floods over the last few years, which again has led to a lot of structural damage, that the municipality of Copenhagen (as well as the rest of the country) is now very busy trying to catch up with. In vain mostly. You imply that high unemployment (which we already have, thank you) is better for the economy than growth. I disagree. But why exactly is road repair a bad idea? What business we have left depends on infrastructure and traffic accidents are very costly both in the short and the long term.
Emulation (Games)

Emulation Arrives On the PS3 169

YokimaSun writes "Following the recent exploit that allows you to jailbreak your PS3, the homebrew community have now breached the console with the first homebrew game, which is the classic Pong. Also released is the first emulator for the system in the shape of a SNES Emulator great for those 16-bit games. Finally drk||Raziel, the coder of the Dreamcast Emulator NullDC, has posted screenshots of his Dreamcast emulator working on the PS3 (albeit at a very early stage). The PS3 is building up to be the Dream Console for emulation."

Comment Re:"Enemy of the State" (Score 1) 1017

Rest assured that Denmark too is definitely rotten. But then we've been US lapdogs since 2001. Our supreme court recently affirmed that private parties can require dns blocks (lame as they are) on search engines and metadata. Police can arbitrarily decide zones in which if you get caught you can be detained practically indefinitely for the crime of merely being present... And we still have to go to Sweden to buy snus in portions...

Comment Re:Free trade within EU (Score 3, Interesting) 247

Wrong. If you order from another EU country the company is required to charge your local VAT. It is mainly luxury and media taxes that can be dodged, but only if they're charged at the engros level or later. For example; I can (and do) avoid paying the Danish media tax on writable discs by ordering from Germany, but I still pay Danish VAT. The evil Swedish goverment insidiously charges the insanely high luxury-tax on snus at production level, so I get to pay that AND Danish VAT, even though I live in Denmark (where the tax on smoke-free tobacco is a more lenient less than 10€/kg). Yes, an opinion irrelevant to TFA snuck in, but there you are.

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