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Journal Journal: NuMMoG.net launched

Launched http://nummog.net a few days ago - really hoping that it takes off in a few months, I'm starting to add content RE: my interests and hobbies. My two current open source projects are already hosted on CVS on the site and will eventually be properly integrated into the site, as one is browser-based and the other may be served from the site quite easily as a Java Webstart program.

If anyone ever reads this, go check it out and leave a comment somewhere (the main site is a wiki at the moment - just create a page or click on the discussion tab of a page, I'll find it)..



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Journal Journal: NuMMoG released

Well, I have officially released NuMMoG on sf.net. NuMMoG is, at the moment, roughly aimed at being an MMORPG, however I may change my mind at a later date and make it into a MMOG of a different kind.

At the moment my focus is on a VERY stable server, and a moderately interesting client view.

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Journal Journal: Omg I have a /. account

And such a low UID as well.. I must have been really cool back in School, when I created this account.. :(

Still, that couldn't be any worse than writing to myself in this journal.. Ohh god what have I done!?

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