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Comment Re:Why not just report the issue to the user? (Score -1) 211

More particularly: Anyone who has obtained a pirate copy of a recent Microsoft operating system (either by themselves or through the 'local computer guy') is probably locked out of the Windows Update system altogether. I think this is a major part of the problem, and probably makes up a large percentage of compromised machines.

Comment Re:Space Race v2.0 (Score 0) 293

We need the resources *now* though, and should be using our existing resources to achieve this. When we finally get to the point where humanity wants [or needs] more resources it will be too late for breakthroughs in space travel. Or at least that is the risk which will result in humanity's downfall.

Comment Re:Translation from tin-foil-hat-speak ... (Score 0) 85

Did you not read it with even a slight hint of 1984? I thought *that* was obvious.

The Kinect is pretty smart. Finally a device with which a computer can both *remember people it sees*, and *differentiate between their voices*. As more money gets poured in, eventually they will embed this type of system in TVs. Now your TV can remember you and recognise you when you get home from work. - Hang on while I go and get my secret diary which is stashed out of the camera's view.

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